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Prayer Request: Demon Zun-Willow Setting Sun _ txt Novel Paradise

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Demon Zun-Willow Setting Sun _ txt Novel Paradise (Nov 9, 2022)

Prayer Request:
Ren Shuangbai can only add consolation first: "Auntie, calm down. This is not the time to get excited. Calm down. There is a saying that true gold is not afraid of fire. As long as you are sure that you have no shame in your heart and no harm in your actions, you will be cleared after all." Wiping away the tears on her cheeks, but the tears trickled down again, Zhao Yulian inhaled and sobbed: "I hate it when I think of it." Uncle, although I am an ordinary woman, but also know what is called three obediences and four virtues, what is called three chastity and nine strong, understand the truth of marrying a chicken with a chicken, marrying a dog with a dog, from one to the end; Ever since I followed Qu, apart from working so hard and devoting all my energy to this family, I haven't had a little bit of trouble. Qu has a bad temper and a violent disposition. It's common for him to use force, and he doesn't have a good manager. I've been living like this for a while, and I haven't had a complaint. I never dreamed of it. He threw such an unconscionable and bloody injustice on me. Ren Shuangbai whispered: "Those who are pure will be pure, and those who are turbid will be turbid. Aunt, there is no need to be angry and resentful." Zhao Yulian is still choking: "The man who killed a thousand knives, how could he come up with this name to ruin me." Ren Shuangbai Road; "Don't you think, aunt, he never asked you himself?" Zhao Yulian gritted her teeth and said: "If he had asked me himself, it would have been all right. He never mentioned a word and left me quietly. If you don't come today,eye cream packing tube, I'll still be a confused ghost until the day I die.." Ren Shuangbai was silent for a moment and asked in a deep voice: "Auntie, you are really innocent, and Qu Weici is really Qu Ji's own flesh and blood?" Zhao Yulian said firmly: "Exactly; the ghost forgot that he got drunk one night and touched my bed and pestered me. That night was the sixteenth or seventeenth of the full moon. That's when Xiao Ci was pregnant.." Ren frost white way: "He gave the child his name, too?" Nodding, Zhao Yulian said thoughtfully: "Yes, when I told him I was pregnant and asked him to name the baby first, he hemmed and hawed at first."? Reluctant, then quite impatient casually said that the mountain is called'comfort ',cosmetic tube packaging, I asked him whether the name is for a boy or a girl? His face at that time-heavy, fierce Baba shouted at me: "Men and women are-the same use, anyway, kiss the child's mother will become!"! Uncle, in retrospect, isn't this heartless man already suspicious? Ren Shuangbai sighed: During this period, he came back and knew that you had given birth to a girl, and that you had been living in the same place. ” Zhao Yulian opened her eyes, still wet with tears, and hissed: "You say he has been back during the time he has been away from home?" Ren frost mountain way: "Otherwise, how could he be so sure that he wanted me to come here to find you?" Another gritted teeth, Zhao Yulian hate track: "Ruthless, he can be really ruthless under this heart, separated for many years, rushed to the door, eye cream packaging tube ,aluminium laminated tube, has not yet taken a picture with my mother and daughter.." Ren frost white wry smile way: "It would be better for you and your daughter to speak in two ways, and not to face each other in silence, but for me, if you had said as above that the matter would have been settled, I would not have run this way and fallen into a dilemma!" Chewing the meaning of Ren Shuangbai's words, Zhao Yulian asked doubtfully: "Uncle, what's the point of ordering you to see my mother and daughter when you don't come to kill yourself?" Let the frost mountain sigh way: "Can't you imagine?"? Aunt? Zhao Yulian felt a touch in her heart, and her tongue stiffened: "I'm afraid." I'm afraid he has bad intentions, right? Ren shuangbai straight way: "To put it simply and clearly, aunt, he doesn't want a wife who he thinks has lost her virginity and a descendant who doesn't belong to Qu. The purpose he wants me to come is to get rid of your mother and daughter together!" Zhao Yulian, who was too shocked, could not help covering her mouth with her hand, so that she would not howl out, and the tears were flowing uncontrollably. Her body was twitching, and the choking sound of forced suppression was accompanied by a sharp gasp? Passed into the human ear, a few can cone heartbroken: Qu Weici hugged his mother's waist and sobbed: "Mother?"? Mother.. Ren Shuangbai got up from his chair, carried his hands on his back, twisted his brows tightly, and walked back and forth in the room. He could see his irritability, his distress, his indecisiveness, and how worried he was! The momentum in the room was extremely stiff and gloomy, and only let the frost-white footsteps move gently, seeping with Zhao Yulian's choking breath, even the cry of Qu Wei-ci was choked. For a long time, Zhao Yulian wiped away her tears and raised her face, which was a kind of desperate form: "Uncle, I don't know what kind of friendship you have with my master, but since you can promise him to do this, it must have a long history. You don't have to be embarrassed. Just do what he told you. I have only one request, that is, to spare my daughter. Uncle, no matter who I gave birth to the child for, the child itself is not guilty. She came to this world." yuan Feng has no choice. Ren Shuangbai waved his hand: "Don't say it, aunt, are you guilty?"? The guilty one is the old man who is always suspicious and obsessed! Zhao Yulian stared at Ren Shuangbai, and for a moment she did not know how to pick up the words-it was not like the tone of a killer who had been ordered to execute. Stand still, let the frost white and way: "Is there a place for your mother and daughter to leave here?" Zhao Yulian perturbed way: "Do you mean, er, uncle, to spare my mother?" Ren frost white way: "Exactly." Zhao Yulian still has the benevolence of a woman like that. She said in a dumb voice: "Won't that get you into trouble, uncle?" Dry laugh a few times, let frost white way: "This is my personal affair. You don't have to worry about me. I have my own responsibility for what I do. But you, mother and daughter, must leave Sanlian Port and hide as far away as possible. Otherwise, Qu Ji can ask me to kill people today,pump tube, and it's hard to guarantee that he won't look for someone else tomorrow!" Zhao Yulian thought for a moment and said: "Sixty miles from here, I still have distant relatives to seek refuge with. Besides, I have to go back to my mother's home.." Ren Shuangbai shook his head.

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