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Prayer Request: The struggle of ordinary citizens

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The struggle of ordinary citizens (Nov 9, 2022)

Prayer Request:
Although more than 40,000 drawings of the bomber site were retrieved from the National Science and Technology Commission, the manufacturing work was still very arduous, and the company had never manufactured such a highly complex aircraft. If the aircraft is to be produced, the company will even need to build new factories and carry out large-scale process modifications to adapt to the production of this highly complex bomber. But before production, the company must thoroughly understand the hundreds of new technologies used in the bomber. Only when companies understand these new technologies can they win the future. Why didn't the State Science and Technology Commission send the expert who designed the "flamingo" to the company to take charge of the work? Instead, a security officer will be sent. As the chief engineer of the "Flamingo" project, Hong Feng looked at Ju Chengxian, who was sent by the State Science and Technology Commission. This person is mainly responsible for the custody of drawings. Although the National Science and Technology Commission handed over the drawings to the company, it still sent local staff to directly supervise the progress of the "Flamingo" plan. Although Ju Chengxian's main responsibility is to take care of the drawings. In case it leaks. But he played a crucial role in the "Fire Island" project,lutein eye complex, and this man has an extraordinary ability to unite and inspire emotions. More than once, Hong Feng has seen the kind of spiritual agitation that only exists in the army. But the effect is very obvious. The Northwest Aviation Industry was under tremendous pressure during the war. The more important task during the war was to produce enough aircraft. At present, instead of concentrating on the transformation of H-series bombers and F/A-fighters as in the past, China Airlines has devoted all its technical strength to the "Flamingo" project,ghana seed extract, which seems to be an incredible thing for Hong Feng. But as a designer. Hong Feng chose to obey the company's decision. What's more, the flood peak has learned too much from the flamingos. Hong Feng did not know that the designer of the long-range bomber in the "Flamingo" project might still be in high school in the United States at this time. The Flamingo's prototype B-7 bomber may not even be in the sky until seven years later, and now, in 98. The B-7 Flying Fortress will appear in this era five to seven years ahead of schedule in the next two years. It will eventually become the main long-range bomber of the Frontier Air Force and the future Chinese Air Force! "Let the whole of Japan go up in flames!" With the adjustment of the development direction of Northwest China. In the next few years, the outbreak of full-scale war with Japan has become an inevitable fact, if we want to defeat Japan, the only hope is not in the army, not in the navy, phycocyanin spirulina ,saw palmetto extract, but in the air force! Strategic bombing is the only viable option. The Frontier Air Force has been in the past six months. H-type bombers have been used many times to take off from the Russian island airport in Vladivostok. Simulate the possibility of bombing the Japanese mainland under the cover of darkness. But it was the H-Bomber that disappointed. It does not meet the requirements of strategic bombing! If we want to reach the maximum combat radius of 2 kilometers. The aircraft can only carry 6 kilograms of bombs, according to this bomb load. The numb of aircraft needed will be astronomical if that strategic intent to plunge the whole of Japan into Haiti is to be realize. The most important thing is that Japan has established an air defense system! A ground-to-air defense system is composed of a large number of fighter planes and anti-aircraft guns. The performance of the Northwest Frontier Air Force in Russia shocked the Japanese military. Especially strategic bombing! In Japan's view. If war breaks out again between China and Japan one day. The Chinese Air Force will certainly bomb the Japanese mainland. The Japanese, who had a strong sense of crisis, almost immediately began to devote themselves to establishing their own aviation industry, introducing two types of fighters, the French "Spade" and the British "Camel", and setting up a factory to defend and control two types of aircraft at home. It's only been a year. The Japanese Army and Navy Air Force has more than six fighter and trainer aircraft. What is more admirable is the emergency response capability of the Japanese, and the technical personnel of the Japanese Arsenal refer to the experience of Europe. The Navy is preparing to phase out small and medium-caliber rapid-fire guns ranging from 47 to 75 millimeters and transform them into ground-based anti-aircraft guns with 36 ring fire and a pitch angle of about 0 to 18 degrees. Hundreds of old ground-based naval rapid-fire guns are temporarily transformed into ground-based anti-aircraft guns to form a local air defense network in key areas together with fighter planes. Speaking of these "excellent" anti-aircraft guns made in Japan, there were also contributions from military workers in the northwest. After Japan stole the anti-aircraft gun drawings from the northwest, although most of the drawings were blocked, some of the anti-aircraft gun carriage drawings were still brought back to Japan by Japanese spies. The H-bomber may have better performance. However, its body structure adopts a large number of primitive wooden structures. Even though the successor model is partly made of aluminum alloy, it is still difficult to change the relatively fragile nature of its airframe. According to the real aircraft test of the Border Air Force, only one 47mm shell and dozens of large-mouth bullets are needed. Enough to tear up the H-plane's airframe. The Air Force needs a more robust bomber, with a longer range, a larger bomb load and a powerful self-defense weapon. No, but limited by the technological capabilities of the Northwest, it will take at least a few years to independently design a long-range bomber to meet the needs of the Air Force. But time and the situation do not allow for any waiting. And that's why. The B-7 Flying Fortress will enter Simadi's field of vision. In World War II, the Flying Fortress had excellent high-altitude performance and excellent anti-strike capability, and often continued to fly after suffering tremendous combat trauma. In later models. It is also equipped with powerful defensive weapons. All this earned it the trust and affection of the crew, and the B-7 was designed with a margin to survive the fire of German fighters and anti-aircraft guns. After completing the bombing mission, he returned safely to the British base. In World War II, the huge bomber fleet consisted of the sturdy and fast B-7 Flying Fortress. It has always been a nightmare for the German Air Force, and the B-7 is still a nightmare for the German Air Force in Europe more than 20 years later. In this day and age? Copy B-7 is undoubtedly the best choice. It is not difficult to obtain B-7 drawings. Thanks to the American Freedom of Information Act. Maps of older aircraft, such as the B7,lycopene for skin, which pose little threat to world security. A complete set of drawings can be obtained from the relevant aviation agency. These drawings can even be obtained free of charge, of course, it takes a lot of money to document those drawings electronically.

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