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Prayer Request: Love and marriage "marriage like winter sun reborn military marriage chief, good morning!" Txt complete works

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Love and marriage "marriage like winter sun reborn military marriage chief, good morning!" Txt complete works (Nov 9, 2022)

Prayer Request:
It is also because Tian Shouyi is heartless to everyone except himself and his father, and a circle of people around Tian Shouyi all hate him. Mom, don't do this. Tian Tian knew in her heart that she could not bear to see my uncle living too well. For so many years, uncle is certainly not the first time to do so, only to reach out to their own people, the designation is not clean. If our family single-handedly, want to deal with uncle is very difficult, fortunately, there are Zhai family. Tian Dong took a deep breath, there is such a relative, let him not ashamed, however, even if there is no old man seriously ill, at the latest last year, he will certainly return to the country for Huahua. Tian Shouxin is much calmer, not as excited as his wife: "Dongzi is right, he will marry Zhai Hua soon.". We also really want to be in-laws with the Zhai family, and we have no intention of using the Zhai family. However, the eldest brother did this, he should also be ready to be retaliated by us. Their family alone could not win his eldest brother, but after the Zhai family,rosmarinic acid supplement, his eldest brother lost miserably, but sooner or later. It was also because of this that his eldest brother was so afraid to let Dongzi marry Zhai Hua. Tian Shouxin also can not understand his eldest brother, when his eldest brother was afraid of his politics, when the younger brother's limelight will overwhelm the elder brother, so Tian Shouyi please the old man, let the old man must force himself to go into business. Even if it is a brother, there is no such thing to do, and then close relatives,turmeric extract powder, such a noisy, I am afraid to make a vendetta. He said he had no resentment against Tian Shouyi, but unfortunately, Tian Shouyi was guilty of being a thief and did not believe it. Tian Shouyi was afraid that after he became in-laws with Zhai, he would use the power of the Zhai family to deal with Tian Shouyi, so Tian Shouyi had to arrange Dongzi's marriage before he made a move. In this way, he not only destroyed his possible revenge, but also used Dongzi's lifelong happiness to benefit his official career. Kill two birds with one stone, Tian Shouyi is still the same as before, the abacus is crackling. Tian Laoer's family really hated Tian Laoda this time. Tian Laoda showed no mercy to his close relatives. He wanted to squeeze all the value from these relatives, and then break the bones of his relatives to see if he could boil a little more oil out. Everyone's heart is not made of meat. Tian Shouyi ruthless to this point, Tian Shouxin are not willing to admit that such a person is his brother. As for Mr. Tian, he is so old that he has become a great-grandfather, and he is still in good health. Tian Shouxin knew that in the face of this father, gynostemma pentaphyllum leaf extract ,tannic acid astringent, he did not have to do anything, maybe one day, the old man's temper first made himself dead. Tian Shouyi through Qiu Chenxi knew that his plan did not succeed, Tian Dong not only with Zhai Hua to see the above, the two are about to discuss when to get married. Tian Shouyi was so angry that he made a phone call to Tian Shouxin and gave Tian Shouxin an order: "Second brother, if you want to recognize my eldest brother and father, no matter what method you use, my nephew's wife can only be the girl of the Qiu family, not Zhai Hua, do you understand?!" "If you don't recognize it, you don't recognize it." Will he be afraid of breaking up the relationship? Tian Shouyi's round fat face rose into the color of pig liver: "Second brother, what kind of tone is this? Don't think your wings are hard and you can fly solo.". I'm telling you, it's not that easy to get a foothold in the capital! If it wasn't for my help, do you think Dongzi's business would be so good? He depends on me to take care of him. "All right, don't talk such nonsense." Chapter 1287 of the main text has a good temper. "I know in my heart whether you have helped Dongzi or harmed him.". Also, let me remind you that the central government is very strict. Don't think that no one really knows what you have done, and you can rest easy. Dongzi and I are not soft eggs who can be bullied by others! After saying the last sentence, the man hung up the phone directly. This phone call, is Tian Shouxin to Tian Shouxin this eldest brother, the last trace of goodwill, from now on, brothers are no longer brothers. As long as Tian Shouyi dare to harm him and Dongzi, he and Dongzi dare to fight back, and will never be soft on Tian Shouyi again. Thinking of Tian Shouyi's recent debauchery money, all pit his son, Tian Shouxin's eyes a burst of gloomy, feel that they should not just talk without practice, fake style. His money, how can it be so easy to swallow? At the beginning, how did Tian Shouyi hack their family's money? He wanted Tian Shouyi to spit out all the money for him. Damn it, I said Qiaonan, are you giving me a big surprise or a big shock? Xu Shengnan wanted to see Qiaonan and went to Qiaonan's mother-in-law's house. It was not until she really went that she knew that her worries about Qiaoman were superfluous. Anyhow Xu Shengnan also mixed in the capital for several years, a listen to Qiaonan family living in the lot, she faintly realized that his primary school sister seems to be a big shot ah. This piece of children live, can be a high word, is it difficult, the primary school sister or an official second generation? What Xu Shengnan didn't expect was that when she arrived at Zhai's house, looking at the string of little turnip heads, Xu Shengnan's eyes turned into heart-shaped: "You said that these three children were all born by you?"? All three?! Fleshy little face, big watery eyes, red and tender little mouth, rolling round three-headed bean body, with a good smell of milk. Being looked at by the three treasures, Xu Shengnan felt that his heart had turned into a pool of water in the eyes of the three children: "You are a bad person. Why didn't you tell me that you had three children? As an elder, I didn't even prepare a gift.". What if the next three kids think about it and don't like me? Qiaonan touched three little things on her legs and said, "If you really have this worry and fear, it's easy to solve.". It's not like you won't come to my house once. Next time you come to my house,lutein and zeaxanthin supplements, remember to make up a double for my three treasures. Three children to double the gift: "Xu Xuejie, when the time comes, I am afraid you will not be able to keep a month's salary." 。

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