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Prayer Request: Peerless Thief: Miss Waste Wood Seven by Night North [Crossing]

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Peerless Thief: Miss Waste Wood Seven by Night North [Crossing] (Nov 9, 2022)

Prayer Request:
Only with real strength can we win! The five-day journey of the Red Team was also very clear to Rochu, who did not feel that such a team of gags could defeat the team he had carefully built. In Luo Qiu's heart, he never admitted Shen Yanxiao's strength. The reason why he was forced to leave before was that his students were not good enough. Shen Yanxiao was a blind cat who met a dead mouse. He was lucky. Now his students are the top ones in the whole wailing abyss. They can bring his exquisite educational technology into full play. Rochu can't wait to see the images of the Royal College students unilaterally beating the Red Inflammation Team. The time of the match was approaching, and the dragon, pulled by eight bone dragons, roared out of the sky, and the whole match field fell into silence. The ancestor of the undead once again came to the scene of the competition to witness the peak battle of the undead teenagers! 2054. No Chapter 2054 finals (3). A great game! No Because the Royal Academy has been trained so hard these five days that they can't even play at their normal level. From the beginning of the game, they were reduced to the situation of being hanged by the Red Team. This opening shocked the eyeballs of the dead. No one would have thought that their long-awaited final would turn into a one-sided situation from the beginning. Watching the battered students of the Royal College being chased by the members of the Red Team who were in a full state of recuperation, the whole competition field fell into a dead silence. Sitting in the audience, Luo Qiu's expression fell directly from arrogance to horror. The picture was so beautiful that the audience was drunk. Sitting in the main stand, the ancestor of the dead frowned slightly. It was obvious that he was not satisfied with the battle which was not fierce at all. In fact, it's not really the students of the Royal College. This is entirely the fault of Luo Qiu. Feng Ling, no matter how good their aptitude is, is just a teenager who is not yet an adult. Under the high-intensity training, they will be forced to practice every day until their physical strength is overdrawn. The teenager's body is still in the stage of development,pumpkin seed extract, which can not be compared with the recovery speed of the adult dead. It will take at least half a day for them to recover to their peak state. However, yesterday they also trained late into the night, this early in the morning was dragged to the game, where to recover? Luo Qiu pulled out the seedlings to help them grow, which directly planted a tragic ending for him. Watching the students of the Royal College being abused by the Red Inflammation Team, Luo Qiu's dream was broken,glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate, and his whole heart completely fell to the bottom. After seeing this, Nock, who had been trying to brush his sense of existence in front of the ancestor of the dead, turned his face completely black into the bottom of the pot. Thanks to his five days of constant praise in front of the ancestors of the dead how excellent his students are, how tough, but today's game, but let him lose all his old face. Nock silently stepped down from the side of the ancestor of the dead, rushed to the audience at the speed of the wind sweeping leaves, grabbed Rochu by the collar and lifted him up. What's going on here? I asked you to train them these days, and you trained me like this? Nock stared angrily at Luoqiu, the group of students he had painstakingly trained, best green coffee bean extract ,stesweet stevia, and in five days he had been tossed into this wood by Luoqiu, and Nock's heart was bleeding. I I don't know, I just train them.. Rochu panicked. He was a temporary team. Before that, the training of Royal College students had always been arranged by Nock. Only in these five days, because of Nock's departure, he was fully responsible for it. He never thought that things would become like this. Training? Is this what you get for training me? How can they take part in the competition like that! What did you do to me? Nock could no longer care about his lofty temperament, and he wanted to swallow Rochu alive. Rochu wanted to cry. He really didn't know what was going on. Rochu had never given any student such a large amount of training before. This time, his action was beyond his normal judgment. He overestimated the endurance of the Royal College students. Overloaded training had completely drained the energy of the students. …… Well, I accept everyone's criticism. I will not promise the number of updates in the future. I will send as many as I can. 2055. No Chapter 2055 Final (4) The defeat could not be reversed, and the Royal Academy, dragging its exhausted body, could not fight against the Red Team. Who would have thought that not long ago, the Red Team, which was not his opponent, could one day become an opponent that he could not control? The students of the Royal College are so entangled in their hearts that they can only survive. However, with the passage of time, the students of the Royal College have been difficult to support, more and more students fell, the whole competition field, only Fengling's battle still maintained a high level. Also because of Feng Ling's attack, the red inflammation team also fell several members. However, this has been unable to change the war situation. The number of Royal College students standing on the field is getting smaller and smaller, and the victory of the Red Team is just around the corner. Zhanye, that boy is too cruel. I'll deal with him. In the middle of the battle, Xerox pulled away and came to the side of the field. A battle was fought thoroughly. At the thought that the Royal College students who had been fighting against them were now reduced to being beaten by them, Xerox was so excited that he forgot himself. However, Feng Ling's combat effectiveness is still very high, if we do not put Feng Ling as early as possible, the number of casualties on their side will continue to increase. I go Zhan Ye frowned and immediately rushed to Feng Ling. Feng Ling, who had just brought down a member of the Red Inflammation Team, suddenly felt a shadow rushing towards him, and he immediately turned sideways to avoid it. When I fixed my eyes on it, I saw that it was a battle field. I'll play with you. The war field made a fighting gesture. Feng Ling narrowed his eyes, his condition is not very good, but far higher than the physical quality of other students, so that he reluctantly preserved some of the fighting capacity. The growth of the war field is far beyond the expectation of Feng Ling,pumpkin seed extract, if it is the peak period of Feng Ling, perhaps there is confidence to suppress the war field, but now he does not have this confidence.

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