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Prayer Request: Love and marriage "marriage like winter sun reborn military marriage chief, good morning!" Txt complete works

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Love and marriage "marriage like winter sun reborn military marriage chief, good morning!" Txt complete works (Nov 9, 2022)

Prayer Request:
Even though Ding Jiayi was the only one at home at the moment, Ding Jiayi could not help telling Qiao Ziqi in a low voice: "Your father went out, but the bus ticket he bought yesterday was taken out and burned by me.". So if all the bus tickets to the capital are sold out today, it's estimated that your father will have to come back in less than an hour. "Mom, you said that earlier." She almost thought that her father would come to the capital, which was already unstoppable: "Mom, I will not talk to you, I will check the Internet right now.". Also, it doesn't matter if it's not sold out. As long as I'm here, I'll let it sell out if it's not sold out! It is easy to do this. At this moment, Qiao Ziqi is very glad that although Qiao Dongliang can use WeChat QQ and so on, he will not buy tickets through this software. In this way, she wanted to rob all the tickets before her father, which was appropriate. Qiao Ziqi calculated that this time Qiao Dongliang was still on the bus, and should not have found that his ticket was missing. With this in mind, Qiao Ziqi clicked on the software to buy bus tickets and inquired about the situation of the tickets on that day. Looking at the remaining votes, Qiao Ziqi's face turned green. A ticket costs about two hundred yuan. The problem is that there are still eighteen tickets left for this train. If Qiao Ziqi wants to pack the rest of the tickets, it will cost at least three thousand and six hundred. He gritted his teeth and felt the pain of the money again. Qiao Ziqi gritted his teeth and used some methods to buy all the eighteen tickets, none of which were left. Not only that, before the departure of the car, even if only the last five minutes, Qiao Ziqi dare not have the slightest relaxation,ghana seed extract, constantly brushing the backstage, worried about who suddenly returned the ticket, let Qiao Dongliang pick it up. If that's the case, then her previous 18 tickets and 3,600 yuan will be wasted. Confirmed that after 7:30, the bus station had already left, and there was no ticket to pick up, Qiao Ziqi had been tight before he put down and made a phone call to Ding Jiayi. Before Qiao Ziqi opened his mouth, Ding Jiayi was in a hurry to say,jujube seed powder, "Ziqi, something's wrong. It's already half past seven. The car should have left.". But your father hasn't come back yet. Do you think there was an accident? I didn't ask you to check how many tickets are left. Did you check? What's the situation? Didn't he say that even if he really had a ticket, he would buy all the tickets? "Don't mention it." At the thought of the three thousand and six hundred, Qiao Ziqi was in great pain. The three thousand six hundred yuan was enough for her to fly between Pingcheng and the capital several times. When she came, in order to save two hundred yuan, she didn't take a plane or a bus. She turned around and wasted three thousand and six hundred yuan to buy a bus ticket, but no one took it. However, no matter how painful the 3,600 yuan was, the final result was still good for Qiao Ziqi: "When I checked on the Internet, there were still 18 tickets left, and I bought them all.". The reason why I'm calling you now is because the car is coming out. I promise, my dad won't have a ticket to pick up before the bus pulls out. Fortunately, no one returned the ticket later today. If someone returned the ticket, she would have wasted more than 3, akba boswellic acid ,naringenin price,600 yuan. At the thought of the three thousand six hundred yuan, Qiao Ziqi's eyes were black and his heart was bleeding. Forget it, I can't bear to part with the child, and I can't trap the wolf. Is not three thousand six hundred yuan, after she married Zhai Sheng, she can waste, that is dozens, hundreds of three thousand six hundred! "Well, that's good." Ding Jiayi breathed a sigh of relief. She didn't work in vain, but she said, "Did you buy all the remaining eighteen tickets?"? How much does that cost? Qiao Dongliang wasted a few tickets money, has let Ding Jiayi meat pain, Qiao Ziqi such a package of tickets, that is a matter of thousands. Think of this thousands of yuan is purely thrown in the water, even a water flower can not see, Ding Jiayi hard patted his chest said, this time they can pay the price, can be big enough. I haven't got anything yet, and I have already spent so much money first. After all, it was all the dead girl's fault that she didn't have these women's families in her heart, and it was all the old Joe's fault that he was so partial that he didn't think about him at all. Otherwise, how nice it would be to spend thousands of yuan at home, and she could get a better new LCD TV. Don't mention the money. I can't hear the money at the moment. No matter how painful it is, the money will be spent, and there is no way. By the way, remember to give me a call when Dad gets home. Chapter 2155 of the main text. Don't worry, I'll call or text you as soon as my dad gets home. It's early in the morning. Would you like to sleep a little longer? Ding Jiayi also knew that Qiao Ziqi basically did not have the habit of getting up early. I was called up by myself at six o'clock, and I was busy for an hour and a half. Qiao Ziqi should be more tired now than when I just got up. "Why don't you sleep a little longer? No matter how anxious you are, you won't be anxious for one day today, nor for one or two hours." "No." Qiao Ziqi scratched his hair and his face was worse than yesterday's. No way, early in the morning, she didn't even eat, and she was still hungry. The 3,600 yuan in her pocket was wasted. By so much stimulation, Qiao Ziqi knew that he would not be able to sleep if he lay back again, and that he might not be able to do so because of the relationship between lying in bed, the more he thought about it, the more angry he became. In that case, she might as well get up quickly and do what she should do. The Zhai family and Qiaonan's side produced results earlier, so she could at least comfort herself that this morning's three thousand six hundred yuan was not wasted. Okay, you get up and remember to eat breakfast. If you don't take good care of your body, you can't do it. Qiaonan that situation, in the end when to give birth, the doctor can not say, you do not carry ah. Nothing is more important than the body. Now we spend a little money so that we can make a lot of money before. Ding Jiayi can imagine how high the prices in the capital are. Just the price of Pingcheng, she knew that it was really one price a year. Every time she heard the boss say how much the price of a dish was going to rise, Ding Jiayi complained bitterly. In the past, country people, mud legs, were looked down upon. But now,carnosic acid price, the vegetables grown in the countryside are more expensive than meat. So, the more country people are, the richer they are now. What's wrong with this world? It's strange that city people can't get along with country people.

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