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Prayer Request: Jade girl swordsman

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Jade girl swordsman (Nov 9, 2022)

Prayer Request:
Think of when he just arrived at the palace gate, if in time, not only can subdue the butterfly Sanlang, but also can save Jin Tian. Xiong's life. At this point, he suddenly remembered what Mrs. Jin had said to him in a hurry in front of the Eight Diagrams Building. "Shaoxia Wei, come quickly, God!" Xiong is no match for Saburo! At this moment, Wei Qingyu's heartache was so painful that he felt ashamed and regretful. A living and promising young man lost his life because of his mistake. A loving couple, because of his hesitation, has been separated from the nether world since then, and the wings of the Mandarin duck have been broken because he is afraid of being uncovered. As a result, the beautiful and gorgeous sister-in-law Jin became a widow at a young age, and she was lonely for countless years to come. How did she spend it? What? Only then can we get through to the old age. Suddenly, his eyes lit up and he cried resolutely: "No, I must try my best to save him!" " As he spoke, he hurriedly held Jin Tianxiong's left hand between his right palm. As soon as Granny Jin, who was covered with tears, and Granny Bao, who had come over sadly, saw them, they turned pale with fright. They were so startled that they exclaimed in unison: "Yu!" Son, you, what are you going to do? Your brother Tianxiong is hopeless! However, Wei Qingyu, with tears in his eyes, ignored him and stared at Jin Tianxiong's paper-like face. True Qi was directly in his palm. Heart, slowly input. Jin's wife, who was beautiful and full of tears, stopped crying at this time. Her cloud hair was a little loose, and her expression was very sad. Her dimples were stained with tears, and she stared at Jin Tianxiong's terrible face, but her bright eyes were crystal clear. Tears, however, still rolled down one after another. Surrounded by strong men with swords, many people shed tears secretly, which proves that Jin Tianxiong usually treats them like brothers,jujube seed powder, and they are silent. Surrounded, everyone stared at Jin Tianxiong's eyelids with concern and eagerness. As Jin Tianxiong's face turned ruddy, his nose and wings increased their flapping, then he took a breath and slowly opened his godless eyes. As soon as Mrs. Jin saw it, she cried out, "Brother Tianxiong!" As soon as Jin Tianxiong saw his wife, two hot tears rolled down his godless eyes, and at the same time, he trembled and covered with blood. Lips, weak tunnel: "clear … …" Fin. I I'm sorry You When Wei Qingyu heard this, his heart ached like a sword. He cried unconsciously, "No, I hurt her!" Only then did Jin Tianxiong discover that the handsome Wei Qingyu was looking at him with tears in his eyes, and a warm stream of heat ran to his four. Limbs, around his internal organs, straight to his Dantian. He knew that this was because Wei Qingyu's palm was close to his palm. Wei Qingyu saw that Jin Tianxiong had been staring at him in a daze. By this time, in order to let Jin Tianxiong die in peace, he had to be himself. Introduce: "The younger brother is Wei Qingyu..." As soon as he opened his mouth, fenugreek saponins ,mulberry leaf extract weight loss, Jin Tianxiong's lips trembled with blood, and his voice trembled with tears: "I.." Know You did this to her. Then By you.. Take care of her. Wei Qingyu heard a shock in his heart and was stunned! At the same time as he was stunned, he suddenly saw the beautiful Jin sister-in-law, who was holding Jin Tianxiong's right hand tightly, and blurted out, "Brother Tianxiong!" You can't go, you can't go! Wei Qingyu was startled and anxious to calm down. He found that Jin Tianxiong had closed his eyes, slanted his head, and fell into Jin * * *'s arms. Jin * * * old tears, is also a drop of drops in the face of Jin Tianxiong. The beautiful and gorgeous Jin sister-in-law, grief-stricken, hugged Jin Tianxiong's body and burst into tears. Wei Qingyu stood up slowly with a dull expression, and his eyes were already too blurred to see clearly. He remembered that he had been a stubborn man since he was a child. He would rather be indomitable and die than be humiliated. He never knew it in his memory. What is crying? What is tears. However, in this short span of more than 20 days, he has experienced twice, and this time the mood is to leave Woniu Mountain. It's totally different when you're in a dilapidated hut. He always doubted himself. Why did he suddenly become weak? Then a thought, and feel inappropriate, is the rich feelings, deeply blamed by conscience and tears is cowardice? No, he won't admit it. This is the expression of the conscience and true feelings of a man of temperament, and the person who has joy, anger, sorrow and joy is called a person. If insidious, cunning, sophisticated, even people, may not be respected! "Yuer, let's go back first," said Grandma Bao in a sad voice. Wei Qingyu must be a God, see the voice has been crying hoarse Jin sister-in-law, still tightly holding the body of Jin Tianxiong not to let the strong men carry away. She immediately looked at Granny Bao and asked with concern, "General Manager Jin.." As soon as she opened her mouth, Granny Bao waved her hand and said, "With your Granny Jin taking care of the coffin, you don't need your heart." Wei Qingyu took another look at Jin Sister-in-law, who was in great pain and crying bitterly. "So Jin Sister-in-law.." he said sympathetically. As soon as Grandma Bao heard this, her tearful old face suddenly sank and she immediately asked in a deep voice, "What's the matter?"? Do you really want to take a picture? Take care of her for a lifetime? As soon as Wei Qingyu heard this, a sudden wave of anger rose. He immediately made him stubborn. His handsome face sank and he said angrily, "In this way?" How could you say such a thing at that time? As soon as Grandma Bao looked at it, she immediately slowed down her voice and said, "Yuer, Grandma Bao is already more than eighty years old, and she is all for you." OK. It should be noted that you should not only support the door of Qifeng Palace, but also become a hero of indomitable spirit in Wulin. Become the overlord of Wulin. For the sake of your reputation, for the sake of your future, in order to be worthy of your dead godmother, Grandma Bao has to mention it. Wake you up! Wei Qingyu a listen to treasure * * * words, really surprised, but also immediately remembered his true identity-he is a risk. The son of the God of Jade Face came to Qifeng Palace for the purpose of stealing his teacher's jade heart. How could he act on impulse? Fortunately, Grandma Bao didn't lose her temper. If she took out the dignity of her elders to blame herself, would she have to tolerate it at that time? If not, won't you miss the big event? So, as soon as Granny Bao had finished speaking, she quickly said shamefacedly, "Yes, Granny Bao, Yuer will certainly listen to you in the future." "Oh!" Granny Bao sighed,turmeric extract powder, nodded approvingly, and said, "It's good to know you're wrong. Let's go in first." Then he reached out to hold Wei Qingyu's hand.

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