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Prayer Request: Fragments of memory

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Fragments of memory (Nov 9, 2022)

Prayer Request:
It also often breaks out some inexplicable problems, the most fatal is that the video disc will be stuck in it anyway, and the card is mostly porno. Suspecting the moral conduct of hongtu DVD, I took the machine to the repair shop near Fuyou street to repair it. It was very close to Zhongnanhai, and I was at least an intellectual. Whenever the maintenance personnel took out the porno that had been embezzled by it, my face turned red and I was afraid of being green. On the one hand, I was dragged down by the machine, on the other hand, I was laughed at by my friends who were dragged down by me. I can imagine the indignation in my heart. Therefore, I hated all the listed companies in China, cursed their stock prices for falling sharply, and even was st (4). Heaven and man are indignant, my curse has obviously worked, and those unconscionable listed companies are now all out of business. Hongtu is not easy to mess with, and when I began to dislike it, it also added a new problem-as long as you play for a while, there will be some white liquid sticky objects on the tray, and even dirty the disc. I suspected that it had become so watery after watching too many porno films. Later, my friend explained that it was caused by the loose wax that welded the components together. More than a year later, my patience reached the extreme, and I went to buy a Sony 345 to go home. By this time, a Sony had been reduced to 1600 yuan. My wife stared at me when she saw that I had moved the grand plan to the corner and abandoned it. I say to her: "You are contented, with respect to two thousand yuan,Coil nail machine, we bought 3 machines-video disc player, tractor, still have ice cream machine." Buy a disc Having enough money to buy DVDs is an important indicator of my ideal happy life. Fortunately, I realized this very early. When DVDs were so expensive in their early days, why didn't I blink when I bought them? I am not a rich man, and according to my observation, all those fetishes are basically not rich people, while rich people turn earning and saving money itself into the performance art of their fetishes. But I can buy the disc without blinking, mainly based on the following. Six reasons: First,wire nail machine manufacturers, although I am a married man, I still have a lot of freedom to spend money, so I can do something I like with it. A word of advice to a married man: a man should be self-reliant and financially independent. Second, apart from buying dishes and meals, I don't have to spend money on other things, such as buying a pair of shoes every three or four years, which I will wear from summer to winter until the soles of my feet are exposed, and then I will buy a new pair to replace them. Third, I can earn some money by writing some articles on these DVDs. Although it is a drop in the bucket, it is somewhat comforting. It shows that DVDs are not just a plaything, but a tool of labor. The DVD also allows me to stay at home, and my wife is very satisfied with that. Four, I see some American magazine ads for DVDs, and the price of a DVD is mostly $29.99 or $19.99. By comparison, you will feel that you are getting a great bargain. Especially when you buy a good movie that you dream of, you are so surprised that you can't wait to give more money. Five, Nail Making Machine manufacturers ,Nail machine manufacturer, if there is a disc in front of you, you do not buy it because you are distressed about the money, and you will not be able to find it in the afterlife, you will know how painful it is to miss it. So when it's time to make a move, a big man must be decisive and straightforward. Six, the most important thing is that the pleasure of holding a pile of dishes can not be measured by money. It's hard enough for people to earn money, but it's not worth it to spend money so hard. My disc buying career is divided into two stages, one is the self-picking period, and the other is the agent period. In 2000, I was engaged in a job with a higher salary and no shift, so I had at least two afternoons a week to soak in the most developed Xinjiekou area of Beijing's audio-visual market. From the Jishuitan Bridge area, you have to walk all the way to the "high steps" (I call it "Datongpu") near Xisi. In line with the principle that thieves do not go empty, every shop has to be swept. The intensity of this trip is no less than that of a field trip with a heavy load, which is called "basket purchasing". Basket purchasing teams often include four or five people, of which I and Lonely Ghost have the highest attendance rate, and occasionally there are some social idlers hitchhiking. It was really a happy year. In my memory, it was spring all the year round. How many years have you been looking forward to a good film, so arrogant and quiet on the shelf waiting for you to touch and embrace, but her price is no shelf. You are like a locust, flying over a lush field of crops, humming with satisfaction. In the area of Xinjiekou shopping malls, I would stop and eat a Shaanxi cold noodle squatting on the roadside. Lonely ghost and others do not agree, but still loyally accompany to eat. The starting point of this performance art is threefold: the first is hunger; the second is frugality, because with one more dish, one more disc is gone; and the third is quickness, because I want to fill my stomach as quickly as possible, so that after buying a disc, I don't have to eat any more, and I can run home directly, turn on the DVD player, and examine the discs I have bought one by one, with a happy moan in my mouth. One day, I was the only one who carried a basket of shopping, found a lot of DVDs, and then carried them home. Sitting in a taxi, walking on the streets of Beijing, looking at the world of mortals outside like smoke, looking at the beautiful film in my arms like a dream, I feel that I have the happiness of the whole world. Then I made a phone call to Lonely Ghost and shared this feeling with him. At that time, our hearts were filled with a song of joy. Man is a very cheap animal, and good things are often remembered without bad things. I've had a lot of fancy corruption banquets, but they're just pieces of cloud. At the banquet, everyone held chopsticks in their right hand and drank in their left hand, but in my eyes, all they waved were small shovels, and they were digging holes hard to bury others. The whole Beijing is such a big construction site, everyone is digging holes with shovels, burying people or being buried. On such a construction site, I can steal half a day's leisure to buy dishes and eat a portion of Shaanxi cold noodles. Although the eating environment is not very good, especially in winter, squatting on the roadside in the howling cold wind, my hands are so cold that I can hardly stretch straight,Coil Nail Making Machine, and the cold noodles are mixed with ice ballast, I still eat very sweet, because I don't have to think about digging holes to bury people. So the scene of eating Shaanxi Liangpi has become a treasure in my memory.

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