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Prayer Request: Limit exchange space _ 20200215155714.

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Limit exchange space _ 20200215155714. (Nov 9, 2022)

Prayer Request:
Looking curiously at his new master Yi Chi, Raimino's heart, somehow began to slowly respect Yi Chi, even though he was now smiling with his own blood, he felt a sense of honor, not anger. Is this the effect of the scroll? Raimino thought to himself. Although the heart thought so, but she is gradually forgotten this idea, just a few minutes, after Yi Chi sent the dragon blood into the kingdom of God for Chi Liang to take, she had completely forgotten the hatred for Yi Chi, the only thing left in her heart was respect and obedience. At this time, Yi Chi also came out of the Kingdom of God, as he expected, Chi Liang, after swallowing the dragon's blood, once again entered the state of evolution, and now, the big green fool is once again guarding the blood-red meat ball. Of course, Yi Chi in order to reward him, or left him a lot of barbecue, which makes the big green fool very satisfied, can not help but let him guard Chi Liang's evolution, also no longer complain, the heart even secretly thought, if Chi Liang can evolve once a day how good ah Out of the Kingdom of God, Yi Chi saw the dragon Ramino standing respectfully on one side at a glance, and immediately laughed. The host, "Raimino, when he saw Yi Chi coming out, immediately called out respectfully." Do you have any nostalgia here? Yi Chi nodded, looked at Raimino and said with a smile. "No," said the master, "Raimino did not think much of it, but answered directly." "Well, come with me," said Yi Chi, then took the lead in flying into the distance. Dou Shen Ruins Chapter 274 Riot! Chapter 274 riot! (Fourth Watch) Beyond the mountains, while Yi Chi and the dragon Raimino were fighting, a huge battle took place here. The two sides of the battle, one side is the millions of soldiers guarding the mountains,Nail machine manufacturer, on the other hand, has been insisting on waiting for countless adventure teams outside the mountains, they were affected by the message of Ling Lao and others, finally can not bear the temptation of treasure, riot. The barrier that guarded the mountains was indeed strong, but it eventually broke under the combined force of internal and external destruction. This external, nature is the attack of hundreds of thousands of adventurers, and the internal, is the impact of the battle of Yi Chi and others, you know, they fight, but whether it will affect the barrier or not, it is simply to do everything possible, what power is used, just Yi Chi's sword anger, it makes the barrier surge for a long time, and in the later battle. The fierce aftermath of the battle, coupled with external attacks, finally broke the barrier. At that time, the people in the mountains were fighting fiercely, Nail machine supplier ,wire nail making machine, and no one paid attention to whether the barrier in the sky was intact. Even now, they still did not find that there was no barrier in the sky. Outside the mountains, the attack of hundreds of thousands of adventurers is no joke, even if there are not many masters among them, but all of them are above the existence of fighting spirit, in the face of such a group of people's riots, the millions of soldiers guarding the mountains, suddenly panicked. They are just all forces temporarily organized miscellaneous soldiers, you out a little, I out a little pieced together, the strength of the individual is relatively low, the lowest, even the fighters exist, the highest, is only a few fighting emperor, and their opponents, but also the dozens of fighting emperor, countless fighting spirit and fighting king. As soon as the battle began, they retreated all the way, and this retreat, the momentum that had remained, suddenly dissipated, and the potential for defeat was like a massacre. Just then, hundreds of rays of light rushed to the distance and stopped in the sky above the two sides of the battle, which immediately attracted the attention of both sides. What's going on here? How did the barrier break? Standing over the battlefield of both sides, one of the middle-aged strong men frowned and said. At this time, the guard soldiers side of several Dou Di also flew to their side, immediately respectfully said: "My Lord, not good, this group of people broke the barrier, attacked in." "Nonsense, when we are blind ah, we have to see you this waste," the strong man fiercely stared at the eyes of the fighting emperor angrily rebuked. After hearing the strong man's angry rebuke, the fighting emperor did not dare to refute at all. First, he was not as strong as others. Second, the strong man was his immediate superior. How could he dare to refute his words? Looking at the Dou Di in front of him, the strong man was even more angry. He immediately shouted angrily to the crowd below: "Stop, you bastards, don't you know this is an important place blocked by the Empire?"? You want to die. Although he roared with great momentum, there was no one who stopped listening to him. The soldiers wanted to stop when they saw that the person shouting was a senior official on their own side, but if you stopped, the other side would not stop. In this way, they would be sure that the attack from the other side would hit them immediately. Now, they don't care what kind of senior official was shouting. Now they still insist on fighting and it's important to save their lives. Thinking of this, the battle began again. Looking at the people who were still fighting as before, the strong man suddenly felt that he had lost face. He immediately glared at the Dou Di beside him and said ferociously, "Tell me quickly. What's going on? And you, go and help me and kill all these rebels." While asking the name of Dou Di, he ordered the group of Dou Di behind him, and immediately, hundreds of them rushed directly to the battlefield below. With them this group of fresh troops to join, the situation suddenly changed, this group of Dou Di to join, it is like a hungry tiger attack, a direct move to kill a group of adventurers, and the adventurer side of the Dou Di, did not dare to come forward, they only dozens of people, and the other side has hundreds of people, simply can not win, also rushed up to die ah? In this way, the soldiers, who had been at a disadvantage,wire nail machine manufacturers, immediately gained the upper hand and began to dominate the battle. All right, now the situation below is under control. Now tell me what's going on. I don't believe they can break the barrier. When the strong man saw that the situation below was under control, he immediately turned his head and said to the Dou Di beside him.

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