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Prayer Request: The bamboo horse is hard to flirt with

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The bamboo horse is hard to flirt with (Nov 9, 2022)

Prayer Request:
Hearing the agreeable reply, Song Shuxiang showed a spoiled smile again. The orange light was soft, and it was not easy to deceive my parents. Now it is sad to look at the empty house. There is still joy in the house. This is the third day of the big wedding. Little girl, what kind of family did your parents give you? Cuihe was flattered and looked at Ann's beautiful eyes and gentle heart. "Madam Hui, the maidservant was sold by the family. It depends on the master or himself to marry in the future." "My mother said he was good." Cuihe was stupefied for a moment before he realized that he was Song Shuxiang. "Madam is so lucky," she echoed. "It won't be bad to have a family member to choose for you." Ann had no words, her eyes were empty, and she looked at the whole person outside, who was lonely. There was a step in the woman's bun, and the gold hairpin flower matched with the beautiful face was not vulgar. Most of the autumn scenery has passed, and her husband has not yet returned. The bare trees are bleak, and the hazy sky is sad. If the gray clouds can't bear it, I'm afraid I'll cry. Frost fell to the ground, crow blue hair stained with some frost, bright eyes full of loss,car radiator cap, "your son why not back?" "Madam, the Childe must be busy. Relax." "Madam, a.." A woman wants to see you. She says she's your wife. Cuihe knew that his wife was married by the childe, and it was natural to be embarrassed to have a wife for no reason. Bright red lips slightly open, eyes are full of panic, "she …" Is she looking for the wrong person? "Yes!"! The blind one is talking nonsense. Madam,metal stamping parts, you wait for the maidservant to send her away. A dark red dress with dark peony lines was shining, and his square face was contemptuous, as if he were in a pickled place. Mammy Du rolled up her sleeves and took a broom. "Girl, this is the property of the Song family. Go quickly, or you will have good fruit to eat." "Bold!"! This is the mother of the Song family. Mammy Du swallowed and her eyes rolled. She looked at the servant behind her and knelt down hurriedly. She threw the broom. "Ouch!"! "The maidservant was so blind that she thought the country maid was a lady. Please punish her." "Somebody!" "Mama Cao, those who don't know are innocent. Why should you feel sorry for a country woman?" "Madam, you are too kind." When Mammy Du saw that there was hope, she quickly kowtowed. "Madam is the Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara. The maidservant thanked Madam for her exemption from punishment." Mammy Du's submissive appearance satisfied Wang Fengniang. "Take me to see that country girl." Mammy Tu's bald hair rose, revealing wrinkles all over her face. "Oh, madam, metal stamping parts ,die casting parts, this way, please." A pair of tearful peach blossom eyes, a little desire to look up to the moon lips, eyebrows are not light or thick, it is the fragrance, a little makeup has been dazzling. Wang Fengniang bent the corners of her mouth and her eyes were jealous. "Sister really has a good color. No wonder Song Lang hid you." "And you are?" "I am Song Lang's wife!" With a false smile, Ann looked ahead with empty eyes like peach petals. "How could it be possible? It must be the wrong person." "Looking for the wrong person?"? Your husband's name is Song Shuxiang. He was born white and not tall. His father's name is Song Youcai. He thinks that I don't know if this remote Chuang Tzu married you? Fire can't be wrapped up in paper. This is the property of the Song family. "His name is Song Shuxiang, but he has no father or mother." "Aunt Ann!"! You can't talk nonsense when you are young and ignorant. Talking nonsense? That's what he said himself. Where is he? I'll see. Maybe we made a mistake. "Is Aunt Ann looking for a backer?" The shrewd and fierce eyes stared straight at Ann, as if they were going to eat people. Ann didn't seem to see it. "Where is he?" She whispered. "Mother Cao, don't scare your sister." "Madam, such a bitch can't be too nice to her." Wang Fengniang took Ann's hand intimately. "Song Lang is young and vigorous. I understand how many confidants he has. But Song Lang and I are newly married. Does my sister understand?" Ann smiled bitterly. "Oh!"! Are you singing an opera? A red face and a white face. ” Wang Fengniang looked grave and said in a cold voice, "Song Lang only accepted you to relieve his loneliness. I can intervene in all your affairs, including divorcing you!" Wang Feng Niang is a housekeeper, the momentum of the body naturally can not be underestimated, but Ann fennel and she care about the point is not the same, so this momentum to useless. Madam, the Childe is here! Happy words with joy, as if to see the savior. Wang Fengniang's anger finally burst out, "Madam, you are the servant girl beside your sister, so what is my real lady?" After all, Cuihe had never seen a big scene. Wang Fengniang's face turned white as soon as she roared. She knelt down hurriedly and said, "Please forgive me." "What are you screaming about?" "Madam, this girl is a fireman. She doesn't know how to be polite. Don't be angry." There was a light in Ann's dim eyes. He came back. He came to Qili Village for three months and treated her delicately and carefully. In addition, Ah Niang persuaded her to marry. He must not be the man this lady is looking for. Wang Fengniang looked at Ann's appearance that she didn't mind at all and kicked the servant girl on the ground directly. "Don't think you can feel better when he comes!"! I'll take you with kindness. If you put on a show, don't blame me. Song Shuxiang walked quickly with an anxious look on her face. She breathed a sigh of relief when she saw that the person she was thinking about was safe. She turned her face away and said to Wang Fengniang in a cold voice, "Why are you here?" The words in a cold voice seemed to be spoken to a stranger. Wang Fengniang had been spoiled since she was a child, and she could stand such a grievance. Song Shuxiang, my father treats your family well. If it weren't for your kindness to my family, my father would marry me to a stinking family like you. It is my father who is kind, and you have the ability to marry him! Since you don't like money, you don't have to. No one is forcing you. Wang Fengniang clenched her veil and glared. "Song Shuxiang, what are you talking about?" Song Shuxiang hung his head and said feebly, "Go back quickly. Don't worry about anything here." After all, the words are more relaxed,deep draw stamping, Wang Fengniang has never suffered such a grievance, plus the identity of the official lady naturally do not want people to see a joke, "this little beauty what are you going to do?".

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