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Prayer Request: Tang Xi My husband is the president ...

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Tang Xi My husband is the president ... (Nov 9, 2022)

Prayer Request:
But late the next night, Joyna's condition suddenly deteriorated. Pneumonia caused by the infection caused her respiratory failure and she died in the early morning. Because she died of illness, her brain was not taken out of the living body and frozen rapidly according to the normal procedure. She died of lack of oxygen and could not be used. Yun Tianming was elected as the mission executor of the ladder plan. When the last moment finally came, Cheng Xin was informed that Yun Tianming's condition had deteriorated sharply and he was going to have a brain resection. The surgery was performed in the brain surgery department at Westchett Medical Center. Cheng Xin stood outside the hospital. She dared not go in, but she could not bear to leave. She could only stand there chewing her pain. Vader, who came with her, walked forward, stopped a few steps, turned to enjoy Cheng Xin's pain for a few seconds, and then threw the most fatal blow to her with satisfaction: "Oh, and a surprise: your star is from him." Cheng Xin was stunned and stiff there, everything around her changed rapidly in her eyes, as if what she had seen before was only the projection of life, some kind of real color appeared at this time, and the emotional surge made her unable to find the existence of the earth for a while. Cheng Xin turned and ran to the hospital,Investment casting parts, ran into the gate, and ran through the long corridor. She was stopped by two guards outside the brain surgery area. She struggled desperately, but was caught dead. She took out her certificate and gave it to the other party, and continued to rush to the brain surgery operating room. There were many people standing outside the operating room, and when she saw her running, she dodged a road in amazement,socket screw plug, and Cheng Xin slammed open the door of the operating room with a red light. It's all over. A group of men in white turned their heads at the same time. The bodies had been pushed away from another door. In the middle of them was a workbench, on which was a stainless steel cylindrical insulated container about one meter high. It had just been sealed. The white fog produced by the ultra-low temperature liquid helium pouring out of the container had not yet dissipated. Because of the low temperature, the fog slowly flowed down against the outer wall of the container and flowed over the surface of the workbench. It trickled down like a miniature waterfall and disappeared above the floor. The container in the white mist did not seem to be an earthly thing. Cheng Xin threw herself in front of the workbench. The air she brought washed away the cold white fog. She felt a cold embrace, but the cold disappeared immediately. She seemed to have a brief contact with the thing she was chasing. The thing then left her and drifted to another dimension of time and space. She lost it forever. Cheng Xin fell in front of the liquid helium container and cried bitterly. The flood of sadness flooded the operating room, the whole building, New York, and above her became a lake and a sea. She almost suffocated at the bottom of the sea of sadness. I do not know how long, Cheng Xin felt a hand on his shoulder, this hand may have been put on, but she just felt. There was a voice speaking to her, or it had been speaking for a long time, Steel investment casting ,non standard fasteners, and she had just heard it. Son, there is a hope. Said the old, slow voice, and then repeated, "There is a hope." Cheng Xin was still sobbing almost suffocated, but the voice gradually attracted her attention, because it was not an empty comfort in her imagination, and the content of the words was very specific. Son, think about it, if the brain were to be revived, what would be the ideal container for it? Cheng Xin raised her tearful eyes and recognized the speaker through the hazy tears. The white-haired old man was the brain surgery authority of Harvard Medical School. He was the chief surgeon of the brain resection operation. Of course, it is the original body of the brain, and every cell of the brain has all the genes of the body. It is entirely possible for them to clone the body and transplant the brain, so that he is a complete one. Cheng Xin stared blankly at the ultra-low temperature container in front of her, tears streaming down her face, and suddenly she seemed to remember something and said something that surprised everyone present: "So what does he eat?" Then Cheng Xin turned and ran out, as eager as when he came. The next day, Cheng Xin came to Vader's office. Looking as haggard as one of those terminally ill candidates, she placed an envelope in front of Vader. I request that these seeds be carried in the capsule of the aircraft. ” Vedder poured out the contents of the envelope. It was a dozen small plastic bags. He looked at them one by one with interest: wheat, corn, potatoes, this is.. A few vegetables, please. This one? Chili? Cheng Xin nodded, "I remember he likes to eat." Vader put all the sachets back into the envelope and pushed them toward her. "No." "Why?"? The mass is only 18 grams! "We have to work hard to reduce the mass of 0.18 grams." "Think of his brain as 18 grams heavier!" "The problem is that he doesn't weigh the 18 grams, and adding this mass means that the final speed is reduced, and the rendezvous with the enemy fleet may be many years late.". Besides, "Vader began with his icy smile," that's a brain, no mouth and no stomach. What's the use of that? Don't believe the myth of cloning. They'll feed the brain in a proper incubator. Cheng Xinzhen wanted to grab the cigar from Vader's hand and throw it in his face, but she restrained herself and silently took the envelope back. "I'll ask my superiors over you." "It may not work.". Then what "And then I quit." "That won't do.". For PIA, you're still useful. Cheng Xin also sneered, "you can't stop me, you have never been my real superior." "I know that, but you can't do what I don't allow." Cheng Xin turned and walked away. The ladder plan needs a person who is familiar with Yuntianming to go to the future. Cheng Xin stopped. But it has to be someone from PIA. Would you like to go? All right, you can hand in your resignation now. Cheng Xin continued to walk to the door,die cast light housing, but the pace was much slower, and finally stopped. Vader's voice sounded in the back: "You must be clear about your choice." "I agree to go to the future." Cheng Xin held the door and said weakly, without looking back.

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