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Prayer Request: How a bad guy is made II

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How a bad guy is made II (Nov 9, 2022)

Prayer Request:
As soon as he opened his mouth, Xie Wendong knew what he wanted to say. He waved his hand and said, "Brother Zhang, don't say anything.". How should those brothers be punished? The gang rules have their own rules, and Yanjiang's dereliction of duty should also be punished according to the gang rules. With that, he waved and signaled that everyone could leave. They walked out of the room with their heads down, and when they came out, they all breathed a sigh of relief, looked at each other, shook their heads and smiled bitterly. Three eyes pulled Zhang Yanjiang to his side and sighed bitterly: "Yanjiang, this time you are punished, I.." Zhang Yanjiang sighed and said, "Brother Three Eyes, I did something wrong. I don't blame Brother Dong for punishing me." Li Shuang, Gao Qiang, He Haoran and other leaders came forward one after another to comfort him. Li Shuang scratched his hair and said, "I should also warn the brothers below to restrain themselves and not hit the muzzle of the gun." After Zhang Yanjiang went back, he asked the people of the law enforcement hall to arrest all the dragon cousins who had beaten people to the law enforcement hall, and each of them was punished with twenty moss. Moss is a corporal punishment tool set up by the law enforcement hall. Several bamboo sticks are tied together, which are flexible and strong. When they hit a person, they are a blood stain. After twenty moss had been beaten, every one of those men could stand up. Zhang Yanjiang took thirty moss, and when his men beat him, they were more careful. Although the crackling noise, in fact, the weight used is not large, but the momentum is quite frightening, three eyes and others watching, but also secretly grinning. Zhang Yanjiang has always been the main text in Wen Dong Hui,titanium machining parts, responsible for giving advice, usually go out to fight, simply can't find him, where has suffered such suffering, thirty moss finished, almost fainted. In the end, he was carried back to his room. In the evening, he could not imagine that the first person to see him would be Xie Wendong. When Xie Wendong came, he was lying on the bed, had no dinner,DIN screw plug, and had no appetite to eat. Hearing the sound of the door, he turned his head with difficulty and saw that it was Xie Wendong. He hurried to get up from the bed. Xie Wendong hurried forward and stopped him. Seeing that he had a thick layer of ointment on his back, he frowned and said, "How can you hit him so hard?" Zhang Yanjiang grinned and said, "I am the head of the law enforcement hall. If I don't let the brothers below hit me harder, how can I avoid suspicion?" Xie Wendong nodded, sighed: "I know, this matter can not be entirely blamed on you, part of the responsibility is also on the three eyes, but I can only blame you, and can not blame him, do you know why?" Zhang Yanjiang said with a wry smile, "Because I have different duties from Brother Three Eyes." "Yes!" Xie Wendong sat down on the edge of the bed and said, "The fault of three eyes is to protect his shortcomings, which is his old problem, and your fault is negligence.". Although now the gang is strong, with the capital of pride, but does not mean that we have been invincible, if the following brothers have become bullying, causing complaints, deep draw stamping ,Magnetic Drain Plug, we will soon be from the day of extinction. Remember, after all, our identity is the underworld, after all, is invisible, attracting attention, and in the end, it is ourselves who suffer. Zhang Yanjiang is a wise man, and when Xie Wendong finished, he immediately said, "Brother Dong, I understand.". I'll pay attention to it later. Xie Wendong nodded with a smile and said, "Rest more and recover from the injury. Wendong can't live without the law enforcement hall, just like I can't live without you." Zhang Yanjiang heart a swing, don't turn your head, secretly wipe away the tears in the eyes. Although he was punished by Xie Wendong, he had no complaints in his heart and thought that he had indeed changed his punishment. This is Xie Wendong's way of controlling people. The next day, three eyes find Xie Wendong, put forward the matter of Wendong will expand. He hoped that the influence of the Wendong Society would extend to Inner Mongolia, where, after all, there was no Hongmen or the influence of the Green Gang, and it would not be difficult to fight. Xie Wendong does not object, since it is conducive to the development of the gang, if not to do, is their own loss. Wen Dong Hui has been infiltrating into Inner Mongolia since the unification of the underworld in Northeast China, but it is small in scale and extremely low-key, and has not had any conflicts with the local underworld. But infiltration and mass invasion are two different things, and it is easy to be frustrated if the situation on the ground is not clear. Three eyes have been responsible for this matter, and have a better understanding of its situation. Inner Mongolia is vast and sparsely populated. The local gangs are different from other places. They are very tough. Most of them have heavy weapons in their hands. Some gangs have even built their own bases on the grasslands. There are minefields around them. Not to mention the police, even if the army wants to fight down in the past, it is not easy. Moreover, the terrain is hidden and not easy to be found. The most contact between local gangsters and three eyes is the'coyote '. 'Coyote 'Is a new gang, no family and background, members are relatively young, but it is a group of outlaws. They have bought arms several times in the hands of Wen Dong Hui, and the relationship between the two sides is good. When Xie Wendong heard this, his eyes lit up and he said with a smile, "The prairie wolf is good and can be used." Three eyes one is stupefied, ask: "The meaning of east elder brother is...?" Xie Wendong said with a smile, "Fostering an obedient puppet is better than our direct invasion." The three eyes were suddenly enlightened, and then he said worriedly, "I'm afraid that after they grow up, they may not be under our control." Xie Wendong laughed and said indifferently, "It depends on whose brains are smarter and whose means are more powerful." Chapter 21 "I want to meet the boss of the prairie wolf," said Xie Wendong. "Brother Zhang, go and arrange it." "That's easy," said Sanyan with a smile. "Two days later, the prairie wolves are going to buy another batch of arms. Their boss is going to come in person." "What are they going to buy?" Asked Xie Wendong. "Mine," said Three Eyes. The boss of the coyote is named Arislan. He is a typical Mongolian. He is not tall, but very stocky. His skin is dark, his face is round, his eyelids are single, his eyebrows are sparse, and his eyes are sharp, like eagle's eyes. When he looks at him, he will have a gloomy and cold feeling. Arislan means lion in Mongolian. As the name suggests, the whole person looks fierce from the bone. Arislan has only heard the name of Xie Wendong, but has never seen, even three eyes, he has only seen once, and he has the most contact is Chen Baicheng, but the relationship between the two is general,Stainless steel foundry, Arislan looks down on this person who can only talk, talk about kungfu, but skill is general. The Mongols have always admired the strong.

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