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Prayer Request: Zombie police

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Zombie police (Nov 9, 2022)

Prayer Request:
"People outside the square do not lie.". Xiao Daoyou just said it! Guang Lingzi said slowly. Chen Zhifan had no choice but to tell what happened to him after he arrived at the hotel, how he met strange things, and why he needed the soul of the landlady, until Qin Guangwang made a request. After hearing this, Guang Lingzi burst out laughing and said, "It seems that in the dark, there is an act of God. Lao Dao had no intention of doing it in those days, but it became an unintentional intention.". The old Taoist should help you in this matter and accompany the little Taoist friend for a walk! Chen Zhifan really couldn't stand such a great favor. He said hurriedly, "Immortal, you must not be honored because of your disciple. Disciple must not dare to destroy the reputation of Immortal." Unexpectedly, Guanglingzi said with a straight face, "If you think of all the people in the world, even if you are an immortal deity and a golden primordial deity, you can abandon it. How can you be stingy because of respect?" Chen Zhifan sighed with emotion in his heart, and also understood why after the catastrophe, the world sank from then on, and no longer had the power to compete with heaven, which was the result of the realm. With that, Guanglingzi got up and walked out of the hall. Chen Zhifan and the ghost rushed out of the hall. Thinking that Guanglingzi came back from the underworld the day before yesterday, and today he had to rush around because of his own affairs, Chen Zhifan felt a little sorry in his heart. But there is no other way to do this except Guanglingzi. Outside the main hall of the ghost judge of King Guang of Qin, someone said in a loud voice, "Your Majesty, King Guang of Qin, the old man from the Cold and Summer Peak of Guangling Mountain has come to see you." Although the voice was not loud, it spread far into the hall of the ghost judge on the black road of the afterlife. Who is making noise outside the shop? A guard Yin soldier heard the sound and ran out in a harsh voice. Without waiting for Chen Zhifan to open his mouth, King Guang of Qin rushed out and said in the same harsh voice, "Stand down!" Naturally, it was said to the Yin soldier. Yin Bing obediently stepped aside and looked at Chen Zhifan and Guang Lingzi warily. King Guang of Qin said, "Dun Niubi, I heard that you became an immortal and changed your name to Guanglingzi.". Lao Tzu thought day and night,alloy die casting, that is, your share of the favor, but you do not ask Lao Tzu for, what is the reason? When will I have to pay off the favor I owe you? Guang Lingzi said with a smile, "Your Majesty is busy every day. How dare you bother me!"! What happened in the past is what the dust did, and it has nothing to do with Lao Dao! King Guang of Qin sneered and said, "Since it has nothing to do with you, why did you call yourself Chen Laodao just now?" Guang Lingzi was stunned. He had just spoken out, but he really claimed to be in the dust. King Guang of Qin put on an act and said, "Dun Niubi, you're looking for the king today. What's the matter?" Guanglingzi smiled faintly and said, "Your Majesty asks knowingly!"! Lao Dao came this time for the soul of one person! "Oh?"? Whose soul? The three realms all know that King Guang of Qin is incorruptible. How can he bend the law for selfish ends? Go back! King Guang of Qin raised his beard. In that case, Lao Dao is so annoying that he will take his leave. Guanglingzi said and turned around. Wait, you stinking cow nose, is it so hard to beg me? King Guang of Qin hummed angrily. Your majesty just said, Qin Guangwang incorruptible, car radiator cap ,CNC machining parts, even if the old way to your majesty, is also in vain, is not? Guanglingzi said lightly. Smelly cow nose, no loss at all. Just take a shot from me, and give me back a halberd immediately! Go and play two games of chess with me! "Give your soul to Xiao Daoyou first, and Lao Dao will play chess with you later!" "That's no good. The underworld has its own rules. If you win one set, I'll give you a soul. If you win two sets, I'll give you a soul." When Guanglingzi heard the words of King Guang of Qin, he turned to Chen Zhifan and said, "Little Taoist friend, in the past, when I subdued the ghosts, the array I used was the'Great Soul Gathering Array '. Now I pass you another set of array, the'Great Soul Gathering Array'!"! If you use this array, you will be able to intercept the souls you need. Other ghosts, release them on the spot! King Guang of Qin was dumbfounded when he heard Guanglingzi say so. Chapter 1148 of the main text. King Guang of Qin said angrily, "You cow nose, are you threatening me?" "Your majesty calms down, Lao Dao preaches the Taoist friend array method, is for the Taoist door inheritance, has nothing to do with your majesty!" He continued to talk to Chen Zhifan. Forget it, I can't afford it, take the soul! Come on, play chess with me! Then he handed a bottle that looked black to Chen Zhifan and said, "Go, go, go. Don't bother me playing chess with Niubi.". ” "Thank you, Your Majesty, King Guang of Qin," said Chen Zhifan cheerfully. "Thank you, Chief Immortal of Guangling." Qin Guangwang waved his hand impatiently and motioned Chen Zhifan to go quickly. Guanglingzi turned around and wanted to say something to Chen Zhifan, but he didn't say it after all. King Guang of Qin took Guanglingzi by the hand and paid no more attention to Chen Zhifan. He said to Guanglingzi, "Let's say first that I owe you a favor. I've paid it off this time." "Lao Dao has already put it down. Your Majesty is the head of a ghost. Why can't you forget.." "I like your bullnose and serious nonsense!"! ...” The voices of the two men drifted away. Chen Zhifan took the black bottle given to him by King Guang of Qin, and his heart was filled with gratitude to Guanglingzi. Just because Qin Guangwang urged, Chen Zhifan still had a few things to ask Guanglingzi. One is the Wuwei Taoist Priest who has been feathered, and I don't know where he is now; the other is where the Yin Qi around the sacred trees of Yinshan Mountain is hidden next to the hotel. But Chen Zhifan also thought, Wuwei Taoist must have become immortal, Guanglingzi may know. But the Yin Qi around the sacred trees of Yinshan Mountain, Guanglingzi has not seen specifically, I am afraid I do not know. Forget it, let's talk about it later, Chen Zhifan thought. The ghost rushed mysteriously to Chen Zhifan's ear and said, "Boss, do you think King Qin Guang will lie to us?" Chen Zhifan said angrily, "Do you know what King Qin Guang does?" "Of course I know!" The ghost pounced on a confused way. Chen Zhifan snorted coldly and said, "King Guang of Qin is in charge of the books of life and death in the world. He leads to the birth of a person, which is good or bad luck.". The ghost of a mere man is as common to him as our breath. Is it necessary to deceive people? "That's true, too!" The ghost rushed back with a straight face. Go quickly, the landlady will be more dangerous if she delays a little longer! Chen Zhifan said with a straight face. The ghost suddenly smiled and said, "Boss, you don't like the landlady,die casting parts, do you?"! If you ask me, although the landlady is also beautiful, she is far worse than Sister Mei! 。

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