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Prayer Request: Quickly wear the pet into the bone marrow bl

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Quickly wear the pet into the bone marrow bl (Nov 9, 2022)

Prayer Request:
Jun Mo yuan crouched down, completely do not feel for Bai Chen to treat jade foot, is what shameful thing, he just intimately hugged Bai Chen's jade foot, to Bai Chen on the medicine. In his opinion, Bai Chen was so perfect that he was fascinated by it. He once even felt that he might not be worthy of such a perfect little dumpling as Bai Chen. No, not once, even now, he still feels that he is not worthy of a little dumpling. Xiaotuanzi looks very simple, but in fact, many times Bai Chen is very smart. But if you want to say that Bai Chen Xiaotuanzi is really smart, how can he not pay attention to his body and run out like this in order to find himself? Jun Moyuan can see that Bai Chen is really in such a mess to find himself. Little Tuanzi, I shouldn't have come too late. I shouldn't have scolded you before I figured it out. I was wrong. The cold wind from the bamboo forest blew to them, and there was no warmth between them. Jun Moyuan said this sentence, did not get half a response. Jun Moyuan's mouth was filled with bitterness, and his eyes were full of helplessness. He gently stroked Bai Chen's head and said slowly, "Little Tuanzi, don't ignore me. If you want to hit me, you can hit me, okay?" As soon as the words fell, Jun Moyuan was punched. The punch hit Jun Moyuan in the chest, but he just felt like his heart was hit by a mass of warmth. He felt not a fist falling on him, but a burst of warmth. In fact, it is true that Bai Chen did not exert himself at all, and he was afraid that he would really hurt Jun Moyuan. But in fact,needle valve manufacturer, with Bai Chen's strength, even if Bai Chen tried his best to hit Jun Moyuan, he might not be able to hurt Jun Moyuan, on the contrary, I'm afraid it's just a tickle. But even if Bai Chen knew that his strength was very weak, he also knew that he should do his best to fight, but in the end he could not help but subconsciously reduce his strength, afraid of really. Hurt Jun Moyuan. You are a bad man! You are such a bad person! Why should I be soft on you? I should have beaten you to death! You are a bad man! I go to look for you, you still scold me unexpectedly,stainless steel tube fitting, still fierce me, I, I hate you most! Bai Chen said, the tears in his eyes inexplicably smashed up, he did not know why it became like this, Bai Chen is he felt very sad, he wanted to open his eyes to see Jun Moyuan, but in the end did not see Jun Moyuan. He really felt flustered. I'm really afraid that you, you will leave me behind. Bai Chen cried very badly, his tears hit Jun Moyuan on the back of his hand, even if Jun Moyuan constantly followed his tears, but there are also a lot of tears constantly hit the ground. The hot tears fell on the back of Jun Moyuan's hand, but also on Jun Moyuan's heart, which made Jun Moyuan feel his heart was pulled up. He quickly hugged Little Tuanzi and held him in his arms. He let him sit on his body. He said, "Little Tuanzi, I was wrong. I won't leave you again. Even if you drive me away, I won't leave, ball valve manufacturer ,hydraulic fitting supplier, OK?" "Whoo!"! You're a liar! You said you wouldn't leave me, but you finally left me, and you said that? Do you think I'll believe you? Bai Chen looked at Jun Moyuan with grievance. He did not care who had just driven Jun Moyuan out. He only knew that Jun Moyuan had said that he would not leave him, but in the end he had only driven Jun Mo yuan out "gently" before. He hooked Jun Moyuan's neck in an instant, slightly deflated his mouth, and said, "You are a bad man. You don't love me at all. I want to bite you. I want to bite you to death!" With these words, Bai Chen came forward and bit Jun Moyuan's neck, but Jun Moyuan was bitten, but he didn't even frown. You, you don't cry pain? It must be that I bite you without any pain. "Bai Chen thought so, he wanted to bite Jun Moyuan hard and bleed Jun Moyuan's neck, but when he really put his teeth on his neck, as long as he bit hard, he could bite blood, but subconsciously he dared not bite hard, afraid.. I really bit Jun Moyuan to bleed. Bai Chen: Whoo! Why would I be soft-hearted? This is simply not worth their own heartache! Bai Chen instantly covered his head, he felt that he was simply no face to see this Jun Moyuan, he felt very sad, do not want to see Jun Moyuan. Jun Moyuan must be laughing at him at the moment, feeling that he could not even bite Jun Moyuan, but who knows, Bai Chen was suddenly hugged. Bai Chen could feel himself being held tightly, and the arms were unusually mature and warm, so that he could not help but smell two more, he felt very warm, he was very attached to this embrace, he raised his head slightly, but only ran into the deep eyes. The fundus was affectionate and warm, the face was gently stroked, the tears had been gently wiped away, and the deep and sexy voice sounded in the ear, "Little Tuanzi, I will never let you leave me again, never." Hearing this, Bai Chen inexplicably felt his face a little red, he felt his face a little hot, he wanted to leave here, he did not want to listen any more, nor did he want to see how Jun Moyuan looked at himself seriously, he just wanted. "Little Tuanzi, it's my fault, it's my fault." Jun Moyuan stared at Bai Chen seriously. "I shouldn't have lost my temper for no reason. I was wrong. I don't expect Xiaotuanzi to forgive me. I only beg Xiaotuanzi to give me a chance to take care of you." "You want to take care of me so much?" When Bai Chen heard this, he raised his head slightly and snorted coldly. "I don't know who just said that I shouldn't have gone out in the middle of the night."? Who just scolded me? Jun Moyuan hesitated for a moment, then raised his head slightly, his deep eyes were full of white Chen's figure, "Don't get angry, I want to continue to be by your side, take care of you for a lifetime, with you.". If there's anything I can do to calm you down, then just let me know. Even if I go to the mountain of knives and the sea of fire, I will go. "Who needs you to go up to the mountain of knives and down to the sea of fire?" Bai Chen said unhappily, "You are not allowed to do these dangerous things." "Well, I promise you, I won't do these dangerous things." "All right,stainless steel hydraulic fitting, you, you go quickly." Bai Chen began to drive people away, he did not know what he should say in the face of such a Jun Moyuan. He just wanted Jun Moyuan to leave.

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