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Prayer Request: Ten years, one product, Wen Ruyan

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Ten years, one product, Wen Ruyan (Nov 9, 2022)

Prayer Request:
Wen Lao said, Yan Xi, even though you are the eldest grandson of my best friend, I have always looked down on you, which you know. Humanity is young and dandy. If it is a family like ours, this is a common thing, nothing. However, my granddaughter Ah Heng, the daughter of the Wen family, although weak and ignorant since childhood, dull and old-fashioned, is still dutiful and has never done anything out of line. When you are together, you will inevitably bump into each other. It is really not a good match. Besides, Ah Heng's four bodies are still sound. Besides, Ah Heng's four bodies are still sound. Besides. Yan Xi's brain was confused, his lips were dry, and his ears were aching again. He said, "Sorry, I'm going out. Grandpa Wen, let Ah Heng talk with you for a while.". He went out, pulled out his earplugs and threw them into the trash can in the aisle. Go to the vending machine. Three yuan for a cup of canned coffee. It's still boiling hot. Put it in the palm of your hand. It's so warm. Five fingers squeeze, aluminum silver jar, strong pressure, distortion, brown liquid washed black hair, eyebrows and eyes. Siguan walked up, he said, I really want to be a good friend with you for a lifetime. Yan Xi looked up, and Siguan looked into his eyes, but was taken aback. That kind of Yan Xi, who has never shed a drop of tears without even hearing the world, now has something more sad than tears in his eyes. He said, not only Wen Siguan,14 tube fitting, but also Xin Dayi and Lu Liu, I have never given up my plan to be brothers with you for a lifetime. The brown liquid ran down his black hair like tears. He said, what do you want? Power, money, status, influence. Well, I'll give you all I have. I've never been stingy. Even at that time decided to save the Wen family, in addition to Ah Heng, Wen Siguan, do you really belittle yourself to think that there is no reason for yourself. But what about you, one by one, what do you give back to me. He burst out laughing. "Da Yi wants money. I'll give him 30 million. I work hard in the entertainment circle. I earn my wife's money. All my savings are given to him. I have nothing left. Lu Liu wants a person who can accompany him. He wants a person who can not be lonely all his life. He has designed Lao Tzu for 25 years and has not given up. Lao Tzu does not have the same experience as him."; You,hydraulic fitting manufacturer, give you what you will not be satisfied, you want to compete with Lu Liu since childhood, so, he has, you must also get hands, money, power, status, including me, you also follow him, according to the gourd painting, design me. Siguan frowned, Yan Xi, what did you say? Why can't I understand. Yan Xi held the aluminum can in his hand, and the protruding part cut his hand. The blood was red, like a plum blossom, which was shocking. He looked at Wen Siguan with sorrowful eyes. He said, "Why? No one, no good brother, ever asked me what I wanted.". Ask, I have not saved enough money for my wife. Ask, do I want to love a man? Ask, I design you like this and you are still on the trap. Are you stupid. In the snowy sunshine, brass tube fitting ,stainless steel needle valve, he raised his eyes, Ah Heng walked out of the ward, looked at him, smiled, the landscape was gentle, just like the first time. He laughed, too, at her, and laughed to tears. He opened his mouth, and his voice was so low, so low in a sea of inferiority, he said. No one told me if I could marry Ah Heng. chapter100 When Sindayi was twenty-four years old, he said a word. It was the words that Ah Heng, who had gone to France, wanted to laugh most. As a result, joy begot sorrow and he cried. He said, if I can cross, I must say to my grandmother, you must not give birth to my father, if you give birth to my father, you can have a big fat grandson in the future, but it will make your wife angry. Inscription This thing has to be put on the table. Although people don't like Xin and Chen very much, they are bored with men, but I can't continue the plot without saying anything about it. Well, let's go back to many, many years ago, when Sindayi was a big boy in the first year of high school, he met a girl he liked, no, a boy. This is a transvestite boy who says he has an English name, rosemary. Rose flowers like Maria. Xin Dayi's English is not good, but when he was a child, the four people, Lu Liu Siguan, were all good thieves. His grandfather also said that he was so close to his brother. Why didn't he learn that bird language from your brother. Xin Dayi insisted, "Sir, this problem must be complained about the beauty, he is a rat droppings, spoiled Lao Tzu a pot of porridge.". Yan Meiren's English is not good, either. Therefore, he has always had an inexplicable complex about English, and he has a deep complex about speaking English well. Then, see the rose flowers, the complex committed, the first love thrown out, and finally, only to know that it is a dead end, no return. From childhood to adulthood, the children around him, in addition to a good-looking love to act like a spoiled child is useless, there is only a good-looking do not love to act like a spoiled child is also useless. Look around, the girls are just like that. In terms of good-looking, it's not as good as the words. In terms of character, it's not as good as Wen Siguan's ability to dress up. When it comes to cooking, you forget it. Now the girls, besides Wen Heng, there are a few who are not waiting for their husbands to serve. When I was 17 or 18 years old, I went to a high-class club with a bunch of buddies in the garden, which is commonly known as a high-class brothel. I opened my eyes and knew how men and women were going to return a responsibility. When I suddenly looked back, I found that AV BV CV and its ilk, whether European, American or Japanese, were pure nonsense. The technical content was too high for normal human beings to make. As a result, the last line of defense was shattered. Then, woman, this road, as if faintly as if gone. When I think like this, there is still a deskmate, an enemy, a buddy, and a first love left around me. I can see it as soon as I twist my face. A face is not much worse than Yan Xi's. When I laugh,pipe fittings manufacturer, I can lift the corners of my eyes. I shoulder to shoulder all day, and my body is not smelly. This is a rare person. Xin Dayi always felt that roses were rare, but he could not tell where they were rare.

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