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Prayer Request: Solitary king very comfort

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Solitary king very comfort (Nov 9, 2022)

Prayer Request:
"Tian Duwei," said a man in a low voice, "Your Highness, what's wrong with this? No one else uses this bathroom on weekdays, and nothing has happened." Tian Bin shyly, he remembered a few days ago in the Gantang Palace, Xia Chuhua and His Highness had met in the bath, how did the female official named Muzhu say? Xia Chuhua is a neat freak and doesn't like to bathe with others. Tut-tut, there are so many problems. He originally thought that your Highness had taken a bath twice a day without moving, which was already a strange habit, but he did not expect that this summer's early China would be even worse, and that someone would go crazy on the side. Tian Duwei, "the man who had just given Chuhua the gatekeeper asked," Your Highness is annoyed now. Shall I go in and ask the childe to come out? " "No need." At this time, Wen yuan's voice came. yuan Yu was so exasperated that he told him about it, and Wen yuan hurried over. Looking at the closed door and the unknown look of the crowd, Wen yuan felt helpless and amused. Don't bother the Childe. Wen yuandao, "never again, let's disperse." From the people should be down, have dispersed. Tian Bin frowned and said to Wen yuan, "Master Book, you say how strange this Xia Childe is. They are all men,14 needle valve, so delicate." Wen yuan choked. Tian Bin, "he looked at Tian Bin meaningfully," haven't you married yet? " Tian Binyi: "No." Tut, don't you know that you know me so well? "Have you ever liked a woman for a few days?" Tian Bin blushed and said, "How can I do that? Even if I like someone, I'm a polite person. You don't know that your Highness has strict military discipline. If someone says he molested a woman, I'll be put in prison!" Wen yuan nodded, "Your Highness,12 needle valve, this discipline is too strict, it is not good." "Yeah, me too." Tian Bin was about to echo when he suddenly felt that there was something in Wen yuan's words and looked at him in surprise. Wen yuan did not explain anything, sighed, patted him on the shoulder, and walked away. Chu Hua had already put on his clothes and made sure that there was no one outside before he came out with a red face. She ran back to the yard as if she were followed by a man-eating monster, closed the door and bolted it. Whew.. She threw herself heavily on the bedding and remained motionless for a long time. Closing her eyes, the naked King of Shuobei began to turn and turn in her mind like a fly. She shook her head violently and ordered herself not to think any more, but she shook out more flies. Countless naked King of Shuobei were turning and turning. "Meow." The general came over with a newly captured grasshopper in his mouth. Go, go, dirty, don't go to bed! Chu Hua said irritably. Meow. The general walked away wronged. Chu Hua was angry for a while and then sat up. Her hair was still wet, though her heart had suffered a great trauma. Chuhua slowly went to find a piece of dry cloth and sat in front of the bronze mirror to wipe his hair. …… Did he see you? Looking at himself in the mirror, Chuhua suddenly thought of the last time, Muzhu comforted himself. I didn't see it. At that time, Chu Hua answered. You saw all of him, 38 tube fitting ,38 needle valve, but he didn't see any of you? "Well.." "Then what are you worried about?" Evening bead thief smiles, touch her head, "you can not suffer a loss, think about it, that is not an ugly and fat person, that is the king of Shuobei.." The dry cloth rubbed the long hair, the silk strands pulled, and the dry cloth was moist and cool. Chu Hua is a little fugue. Just now. She was always on her back, covered by soup and the wall of the pool, and the King of Shuobei probably couldn't see anything about her. So, this time.. Just like last time. The mood suddenly improved a little. …… You earned it. Muzhu grinned. Yeah, she's actually seen other people naked. For example, the children playing in the countryside, the shameless people bathing in the river, such as the King of Qi.. Thinking of the king of Qi, Chuhua felt sick in his heart, and suddenly felt that Muzhu's words were very reasonable. The king of Shuobei was much better than him, even the following thing. Chu-hua was ashamed of his idea for a moment, and hurriedly shouted twice in his heart and drove him out. Her ears were burning, but she was still not happy. Shuobei Wang that cunning and shameless person, should not put this time into the account, ask her to repay it? "Bathroom?" In the study, Wen yuan was surprised to hear what yuan Yu had told him. yuan Yu is suffused with a report, the face is expressionless, "well." Wen yuan couldn't help laughing. What are you laughing at. ” "Nothing," said Wen yuan. "Your Highness is really magnanimous." yuan Yu said lightly, "Gu used to be a stingy person." "Of course not." Wen yuan smiled. "Your Highness is very thoughtful this time." "Hm?" yuan Yu glanced at him and put down the document in his hand thoughtfully. Wen yuan, I remember that when I first recruited you to Shuobei Army, I spent a lot of money on medical treatment to cure your father's illness. "Wen yuan was stupefied." He got your brother an official position of four hundred ranks in the court. yuan Yu recalled, "Another twenty thousand yuan was allocated to settle down, two hundred acres of paddy fields, arrange for your brother's three sons to enter the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and in addition to the salary, give summer and winter clothing materials, New Year's meat.." Wen yuan was ashamed and hurriedly said, "Your Highness is as kind as a mountain to Wen yuan." "Oh, you remember?" "I dare not forget!" yuan Yu glanced at him coldly, meaning, "Then go to work quickly.". Wen yuan smiled bitterly, saluted, and hurried out. yuan Yu watched his figure disappear outside the door, snorted heavily, and leaned on a few. These people who need to be cleaned up are so bold one by one. You have to be cheap and let people use his bathroom casually, and you dare to tease him. Thinking of Xia Chuhua staring at him, yuan Yu was even more angry. He couldn't calm down, and after a while, he called Wen yuan back. Go and ask Mr. Xia. His voice. "That can of thunder, never made it." Chuhua thought that the king of Shuobei would have no news for a long time, but before long,tube fitting manufacturer, two maids came to her yard. One is called Ah Xiang and the other is called Ah Yan. Both of them were very clever and sensible. When they saw Chuhua, they called her son, but they served her like a woman.

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