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Prayer Request: Jade on the brocade

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Jade on the brocade (Nov 9, 2022)

Prayer Request:
Someone looked around and pecked her face quickly. "In case the wall has ears, let's go back to the room and say that I promise to say everything I know." "All right!" Wen Yuer folded his arms, "it is better to say first, the heroic king of Qin, how to take advantage of the dark night wind down the mountain alone, to avoid Tian Yuping twenty thousand troops, for thirty thousand reinforcements?"? Uh "It's not a long story, is it?" Wen Yuer looked at her and said with a half-smile. Gao Lin glanced at her with strange eyes. "Lord Song is so strange. How can I know about His Highness the King of Qin?" As he spoke, he did not forget to wink at her. This guy! Play dead with her, right! Wen Yuer stood up and went out. Gao Lin lifted his feet to catch up with him. "Don't walk so fast. Wait for me!" "Excuse me!" Wen Yuer brushed away Gao Lin, "I've always had a problem with not talking to strangers." Gao Lin: "…" "In that case, let me introduce myself." Gao Linqing cleared his throat and gave Wen Yuer a salute. "Next, Tian Buye, the second son of King Xin, has seen Lord Song." "Poof!" "Tian Buye?"? I think it's tempura! "Well, the name Tian Bula is also very good, and I will call it Tian Bula in the future!" What a thick skin! Wen Yuer threw her sleeve and gave him a big back of the head. Hey! You wait for me! Gao Lin, lift your heels. Two people play all the way out of the garden, do not want to be in the pear garden, ran into Tian Yuefeng and Lu Xi. You Wen Yuer looked at two people suspiciously,collapsible pallet bin, if she remembered correctly, that day in the purple bamboo forest is Lu Xi rushed up to save Tian Yuefeng. Tian Yuefeng is guilty of being a thief. "Eight princes enjoy the scenery in the garden. I'll take him for a stroll." Lu Xi immediately echoed! "Then you go shopping, especially the eight princes, and we should be on our way!" Lu Xi's face stiffened and he soon nodded as if nothing had happened. Wen Yuer looked at the back of the two men and asked Gao Lin, "Do you feel." Forget it, I didn't say it! "Are you stupid? They are brothers and sisters. Even if you see them, you can't see them." How can you forget it? Gao Lin touched his chin. "I feel suspicious,plastic pallet containers, too!" He said and nodded his head exaggeratedly. Wen Yuer gave him a horizontal look, "meddle in other people's business, first put their own problems, honest and clear." Gao Lin: "…" This is to offend people badly. Full of thoughts about how to remedy it. So into the room of Wen Yuer, dare not conceal, of course, also did not intend to conceal. This is really a complicated and long story! Gao Lin frowned. "There are many stories about it. Even Bubai and my elder sister don't know." He picked up a comfortable chair nearby and sat down, beckoning Wen Yuer to sit beside him. "This story is very long. Let's sit down and say it." Wen Yu-er raised her eyebrows, which were not as good as he wished, and leaned on the bed of the rosewood arhat, which was a little far away from him. She picked up a piece of tea and stuffed it into her mouth without asking him if he wanted to eat it. This is narrow-minded! As soon as Gao Linyi basks in the sun, he is getting back at him. He clenched his fist against his lips with one hand and coughed, saying, "Actually, secondary containment pallet ,plastic pallet suppliers, my elder sister is not my elder sister, but my cousin." Chapter three hundred and fourteen past events like the wind Wen Yuer: "… …" Sometimes my cousin, sometimes my sister, sometimes my cousin. Did she write on her forehead that I was a fool? Come and lie to me! "Don't worry, listen to me slowly!" Before she opened her mouth, Gao Lin, who knew her temperament well, said. Wen Yueer's words to her throat were all suppressed, and she picked up a piece of horseshoe cake to vent and bit it down as someone else. It started more than twenty years ago, when my mother was very young, and she had a sister who looked exactly like her, and they were twins. "They lived in the city of Anyang, when my father had just taken over the title of King Xin and was discussing marrying my childhood sweetheart, my mother.". ” "At this time, a hundred thousand Tartar troops are pressing the border. My father was ordered to go to war. As a good friend, the late emperor, oh, he was only a prince at that time. He came to see him off. Before he left, he drank a glass of wine and said that when he returned triumphantly, he would come to the city gate to greet him." "However.." Gao Lin moved from his chair to sit down opposite Da Wen Yu'er. "However, not long after my father left, a big event suddenly happened. On the day of the Ten Thousand Buddhas Festival, my mother went to the Great Buddha Temple to burn incense. An eminent monk asserted that she was the daughter of Feng Ming.." Hearing this, Wen Yuer could not help hooking her lips, "it's really too much nonsense!" Noticing Wen Yuer's expression, Gao Lin also hooked his lips, "is it very ridiculous?" "In fact, this is today's King Fu, the rival of the late emperor, set a deadly trick, the purpose is to drive a wedge between my father and the late emperor, he reaped the benefits, and finally climbed to that high position." Then the stereotyped story began. Rumors of the daughter of the order spread in the city of Tian'an. Even the old emperor paid attention to it. The father of the present emperor saw that things were not good. For the sake of the throne, he did not care about brotherhood. He thought of a way to let the old emperor marry him and Qin. When Tian Kun returned triumphantly from the battlefield, he did not wait for the celebration wine of his good brother, but waited for the news that his beloved girl was given his good brother as his wife by the emperor. Young Tian Kun is not now so gentle, young loyalty is very warm-blooded, of course, will not be brainless rush up, is likely to be the future emperor's prince beat a meal. He looked for Qin Shi overnight and made an appointment in the back garden to persuade Qin Shi to elope with him and go to the northwest of Tian's fief. However, Qin Shi did not agree, she walked away, what should her family and relatives do? She didn't even dare to die. She was afraid of involving her relatives. How dare she run? Just when they were at their wits' end, a savior jumped out. This person is Qin's twin sister, she said,collapsible pallet box, "Sister, you go with King Xin, I will marry for you." Qin was surprised. "Do you like him?" 。

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