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Prayer Request: Heartbeat designer

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Heartbeat designer (Nov 9, 2022)

Prayer Request:
Little sister's voice is very nice. Every time she says this to me, she makes me feel very happy. The tone is both coquettish and lovely, saying, "Uncle, you guess, I won't tell you.". I had to tell her the detailed address on the phone. After hanging up the phone, I was still puzzled and did not know what she wanted to do. The heart is a little worried about the buttocks dance, want to hurry to see. He only went to the door and heard another deafening cheer coming from inside. When I walked in, I didn't find anything that made me feel High enough. I seemed to have finished the butt dance, or not at all. But I clearly found something from the various glances that swept around me from time to time. Yes, women's eyes are full of jealousy, while men's eyes are leering. Imagine how that scene makes people's blood flow, but I missed it. After sitting down, Sun Datou said, where did your grandson go? He missed all the wonderful programs. I smiled at him, meaning to miss it, but in my heart I cried out with regret, thinking that there was no more exciting point, let me appreciate the charm. When she looked at me, she was expressionless and did not even look at me. She said, "Well, all the people are here. The judge quickly dealt the cards.". I don't know what the reason for the earth-shaking cheers just now is, but my intuition tells me that it may have something to do with it. At this time, the more I saw her as if nothing had happened, the more frightened I was. I really didn't know what would happen next. Obviously, one can't always have good luck in the killing game. The tables are turned. This is my house, and I lost the third one. Soon, I understood the content of that cheer. I even wondered if I had made a secret agreement with others to target me after I went out. But I can't verify it. The punishment was proposed, and it was decided when I came in. Her proposal uses a word commonly used by little girls nowadays: "change", that is, the meaning of enough perversion, similar to very funny, the abbreviation is very "do" and so on. Loser one.. If a square man wants to touch the feet of anyone in the audience blindfolded, he must touch a woman's feet and then say the size of her Bra according to the size of her feet. If it's the wrong size, keep touching the next one until you get it right. Of course, this needs to be confirmed. The punishment for a woman is the same. She touches a man's foot blindfolded, then says the color of his underwear, and tries to get him to confirm it. If she is wrong, she will continue to touch the next foot. There are two difficulties in this punishment measure. First, blindfolded people will inevitably make mistakes, and strangers may not be able to accept it. Although anything can happen to a place like Typhoon Shelter if it's crazy, even if it's to get the other person to take off their clothes and show Bra. But if the atmosphere does not reach enough heat, each has its own way of playing, then not everyone can accept your way; second, if someone deliberately wants to make trouble with you, then you will never touch a woman's feet. And even if you touch it, the more difficult thing is to say the size of Bra, plastic pallet suppliers ,plastic pallet bins, because even if you say it right, people may not be able to admit it. What's more, we have to prove it. Of course, she is not afraid of this move, I fully believe that if she loses, she can easily complete the punishment, every man will be willing to let her touch, and by the way to her contact number, or even in exchange for future dates and so on. But now it's me and another woman who lose. As soon as I saw her expression, I knew that she had backed out. What's more, even Sun Datou had been aiming at me. The crowd was clamoring, "Wei Duoqing, quick, touch it quickly.". Sun Datou even took out a piece of cloth, and I immediately understood that he had premeditated, and that he must have played with him before. Sure enough, a few hours later, I confirmed my guess. This is the real meaning of that cheer, which comes from a proposal of enough change. Isn't it enough for people to think of this? My heart said, oh oh oh, you leprechaun, finally let you catch a chance to revenge me. At this time, I was completely helpless. I looked at her. Her face was innocent and her expression seemed to be smiling. Long eyelashes, slightly dusty eyes with dark circles, and a young and delicate face. From time to time, her earrings shone under the lamp with her shaking body, full of a seductive light. How many people are fantasizing about the beautiful curves outlined by the short and thin T-shirt and the unbridled cleavage under the plump chest? The shoe hangs down on the foot and has no heel, so you can even think of it as a slipper. One leg was up and seemed to be tapping. Turning her eyes to the top, she exhaled a smoke ring frivolously and applied a thin rose-red lip gloss, rendering her lips full and sexy, which I believe is definitely the most flamboyant one of Maybelline. From the side, even the tip of the nose is delicate and wants to make people have the impulse to kiss. The collarbone under the neck is slightly bulging, with a kind of boney beauty. The skin is delicate and smooth. Against the background of the black and white camisole, how many people's hearts are pulled? I suddenly couldn't help but think, wouldn't it be fun to touch her feet and then confirm her Bra size? But at best, I just think about it. My skin is not that thick. Hurry up! Hurry up! All the people were shouting. Sun Datou, the grandson, had already stood up with the cloth and was going to blindfold me. I hurriedly made a plea for mercy to everyone, while nervously calculating countermeasures in my heart. There are several possibilities, one is that I do not know the punishment measures, can not admit, but the result is that the atmosphere that is about to burn up may soon become no heat, since the precedent has been set, the people behind can also find various reasons to refuse, it is boring to play; Second, simply find a reason to leave quickly, but this will make others think that I can not play, is a boring person, I do not want to give others this feeling; Another possibility is to admit to accepting punishment measures, but the excuse I don't know, to find an alternative measure that is less difficult than this,ibc spill pallet, but then think that the rules have been set, if someone breaks it, then the rest of the game will be boring.

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