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Prayer Request: Slippery little fool

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Slippery little fool (Nov 9, 2022)

Prayer Request:
As soon as Guo Xiaohan's heart moved, he immediately interrupted and asked, "Sister yuan, do you think my aunt's idea was right at that time?" Shen yuanyuan took an affectionate look at Guo Xiaohan and shook her head with a smile and said: "I don't know, I only know that after my mother and father got married, their hearts were very painful!" Guo Xiaohan frowned and said, "Sister yuan, please forgive me for taking the liberty. I really want to know the real reason why my aunt married your father." The smile on Shen yuanyuan's face disappeared and he said sadly: Speaking of this matter, it has seriously damaged my self-esteem, but I also have something to be proud of, that is, after my mother married my father, she is indeed a virtuous wife. Although after my father died, my mother sometimes secretly went to see Uncle Guo, but I know that my mother is absolutely innocent. Guo Xiaohan heard a shock in his heart, but he could not ask Shen yuanyuan how he knew they were innocent? Shen yuanyuan seemed to see Guo Xiaohan's intention and immediately explained: "At first, my mother went out and came back very early, and gradually came back late at night. I felt very painful and angry. Once, I stared at my mother in the dark to see what her secret was.." Guo Xiaohan secretly anxious for his father and aunt Bo, and thus concern asked: "Auntie must have gone to the 'Goddess of Mercy' '?". " Shen yuanyuan shook her head and said, "No,stainless steel tube 304, my mother went straight to the hilly forest and reached a dark place covered by trees. A middle-aged man dressed as a Confucian scholar floated out of it. He had a sword eyebrow.". Bright eyes, straight nose, red lips, a little beard under the chin, although the temples have some gray, but still can not hide his handsome youth. Guo Xiaohan said excitedly: "That." That's my father! Shen yuanyuan nodded slightly and went on to say, "I was very angry at that time. I wished I could kill the handsome Confucian scholar with a sword. At the same time, I hated my mother so much that I didn't think she was cute any more.". My mother called your father Weibin elder brother,beam impact tubes, your father called my mother Hengbo younger sister, I could see at that time, their expressions were very sincere and calm, just like a pair of brothers and sisters.. Guo Xiaohan was immediately moved and said, "Yes, when my father ordered my younger brother to come and deliver the small brocade box, he told me again and again that my aunt was the person he admired most. Although she was not my own aunt, she ordered me to treat her as my own aunt all my life." Shen yuanyuan glanced gratefully at Guo Xiaohan and continued: "I couldn't hear what they were talking about, and when I got home, I started yelling at my mother, who tearfully told me that she shouldn't have married my father.". My father was born in an aristocratic family and hated officialdom, so he went to Kunlun to learn art. By chance, he saved my mother from a disaster.. Guo Xiaohan frowned and asked in great puzzlement, "Auntie is highly skilled in martial arts. Very few people were her opponents at that time.." Without waiting for Guo Xiaohan to finish, Shen yuanyuan immediately explained: "It's not that the level of martial arts is different, side impact beams ,Cold Drawn Tubes, but that in the restaurant of the hotel, Bai Yunhong, a prostitute thief, took the opportunity to release her. Her mother was moved to a fierce monk's temple by a prostitute thief in a coma. When she woke up, she heard shouting and screaming in the courtyard. When her mother looked at herself, she blushed. She was trapped on the'beauty chair '.." Guo Xiaohan looks in the heart although also be in anger, but the place that he does not know did not forget to ask however, consequently indissoluble ask: "What is beautiful woman chair?" Shen yuanyuan blurted out the beauty chair, and her heart was already a little regretful. When Han's younger brother asked her again, she was so ashamed that she could not help saying in an angry voice: "Who knows what it is? You are really a person. Break the casserole and ask in the end.." Guo Xiaohan sees round elder sister blush to lose one's temper, know beauty chair certainly is not a good thing, therefore panic hurriedly continue to ask: "Consequence how?" Shen yuanyuan felt that she had lost her temper for no reason, smiled apologetically, and continued: "Just then, the figure of the rich man flashed and flew into a middle-aged man with a mediocre appearance and honest face. He immediately saved his mother and found a dress and a weapon on her behalf.". Later All the fierce monks in the temple were exterminated by my mother. Only the prostitute Bai Yunhong escaped. In order to pursue and kill the prostitute, my mother traveled almost all over the country. Unexpectedly, she met him in the fleet of Senluoba the night before last. Shen yuanyuan said this meal, Feng Mu doomed Guo Xiaohan to ask: You know what? Who is that middle-aged knight-errant with a plain face and a loyal face? Guo Xiaohan answered hurriedly, "I know that man is Uncle Shen!" Shen yuanyuan sighed sadly and said sadly, "I didn't expect that when I was three years old, my father fell ill and passed away." Guo Xiaohan saw Shen yuanyuan's beautiful face full of sadness, although there are still many words to ask, but for fear of causing Shen yuanyuan sad, also dare not ask again. Two relative silence for a while, Shen yuanyuan looked at the setting sun in the back window, then stood up and said: "We should cook." As he spoke, he walked into the kitchen side by side with Guo Xiaohan. Both of them were busy for a while, and their moods were restored. The two of them dined at the same table, talking and laughing, and the atmosphere was very pleasant. After a meal, it was already dusk, and it was time to hold the lamp. Guo Xiaohan bolted the door, and Shen yuanyuan lit the red light. At this moment, the two men looked at each other unexpectedly, and a subtle and indescribable comfort rose in their hearts at the same time. This feeling is something that two people have never experienced before. Shen yuanyuan suddenly, her heart was in chaos, and her dimples were red. Guo Xiaohan suddenly, handsome face fever, heart suddenly jump. Shen yuanyuan did not dare to look at his brother's fascinating eyes again, so she hung her head in shame and walked briskly into her bedroom with a red light. When Shen yuanyuan saw Guo Xiaohan coming, her heart was taken aback. She really panicked. At this time, she really realized that the taste was like a young couple entering the bridal chamber. Guo Xiaohan looked at Jiao dimple trip red, look shy, holding the red light do not know why the round sister, the heart like a surge of men have a burst of primitive male wind. His eyebrows were slightly erect, his handsome face was flushed, his lips were smiling like painted Dan, and his star eyes were destined to be round,Cold Drawn Steel Tubes, staring and giggling! Panicked Shen yuanyuan Fangxin more nervous, phoenix eyes shy anxious looking at Han brother warm quite bright handsome face, Jiao body slowly back.

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