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Prayer Request: I have Goldfinger.

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I have Goldfinger. (Nov 9, 2022)

Prayer Request:
He remembered that he had already made an appointment with the boss's secretary for this time, but looking at the boss like that, he probably forgot. Cough! He coughed hard a few times before he got the boss's misty eyes. Ah, General Manager Ma is here. Take a seat and wait for me. I sat down with a wry smile. I don't know how long I waited. Last time I waited for two hours. Good luck this time, really wait, about ten minutes or so, see the boss close the laptop, his heart calmed down. The two exchanged their recent work, and when it came to the popularity of the game, Ma Zhiyuan exulted. At the beginning, when he was looking for a new job, many old colleagues and friends in the circle, after knowing that he was looking for a new job, all advised him, and some old rivals laughed at him. Looking for such a company that has not yet been established is really more and more. Basically, there is no judgment. Nowadays, no matter who wants to enter the IT industry, they can succeed. Even some big companies that want to transform are difficult to make the company bigger and stronger after transformation. Most of them end up in bankruptcy. No matter be TI or belong to the game of this one line, make money fast, burn money of course also is very fast. Many companies have not seen the benefits, the money in hand has been burned up, but also heavily in debt, it is not easy to do this. Ma Zhiyuan firmly believed that his company could break into the next territory and ignored the ridicule, but he was also under tremendous pressure. The game has been online for three months and has swept the whole world. The company is going to develop a fun game that young people like, which can also teach young people some knowledge, covering all aspects. It's not easy to integrate. Each game is two versions, domestic and foreign, Shen Qinghe can let the children who are addicted to the game can also learn knowledge through the game, some also need them to go offline to consult the elders, teachers and classmates around them. Nowadays, the game development department also invites many famous teachers from primary schools, junior high schools, senior high schools and universities to help them design some knowledge points related to the integration of games after class. The game development department is divided into several groups, and each group is responsible for different games. In the end, it is about the arrangement of the Chinese New Year and the distribution of the year-end bonus a month later. Shen Qinghe really did not notice that when he came out for the New Year, he never went back to his new home. He just watched videos and photos. Ma Zong, the year-end bonus will be decided after the summary of this month's income, but prepare a banquet, all the staff will attend, bring their own programs, and you let people get a lucky draw, the prizes can be rich and valuable, don't be stingy. Before they say you're stingy. "Boss, if you want to say it, I am a part-time worker." Ma Zhiyuan is not willing to take the blame, so why should he say that he is stingy. Shen Qinghe looked at the indignant Ma Zhiyuan opposite with a half-smile and answered him twice, "Hehe!" Why? Because you run the company. The popularity of the game, so that the time and space company, only three months to make a lot of money, the game can be downloaded to the computer, side impact beams ,Precision Welded pipes, with the time and space ring, can be connected at any time, at any time into the world of the game, feeling very real, every character, every scenery, every little flower, as well as the breeze, as well as the storm, are so real. In the game, all the feelings are true to their own can not believe, offline games, but also always feel wet clothes all over the body. This is also one of the selling points of the game, Shen Qing and himself also like it very much. Ten days later, at the beginning of January, as soon as the year-end bonus and the year-end banquet were announced, all the employees in the company were boiling, and even the cleaners had a lot of year-end bonuses. Dingxiang is a character designer. After joining the space-time company, she has a stable life and work and lives in the dormitory provided by the company. It's just that the conditions are poor recently, but the dormitory that has been decorated years ago can be moved in. When they come back from the Spring Festival holiday, they can officially move in, and their salaries and benefits are top-notch in the game company. The dormitory is a single room with a separate bathroom, and their female staff have two separate floors. This is an old dormitory building, with eight floors, like a quadrangle, connected on all sides. There is a large open space in the middle, which is now a basketball court. After work, the strong male staff can continue to play basketball. In front of each house, there is a public place with a locked shoe cabinet and sundry cabinet, and then you can lie on the balcony to see the stadium below and the people coming and going. Now the dormitory is ventilated, and the basic configuration inside has been completed. Bed, a wardrobe, water heater, sofa, TV, air conditioning, floor heating and so on. This group of female colleagues all went in to take a glance at H, and it was really good. It's better than the house they used to rent in the Fifth Ring Road. Dingxiang likes the present company very much and is going to stay in the company all her life unless the company doesn't want her. Shen Qing and himself also applied for a single-room dormitory in the company, which can work overtime at any time and save running back and forth. Packing up his briefcase and carrying his computer, Shen Qinghe was about to go home when his cell phone rang and took a look at Professor Xiong's call. Hello, professor "Qinghe, do you have time?" Professor Xiong called to ask Shen Qinghe for help. Professor, if you have time, what can I do for you? Sitting on the chair, concentrating on answering the phone, the professor usually calls him to discuss some of the knowledge they have learned. I really haven't seen anything like this today. The tone is a little wrong. Qinghe, is your company going to recruit more employees after the New Year? "Yes, it will expand enrollment. What's wrong? The professor has excellent students to recommend." "Yes, of course, but this time in the College of Arts, someone came to me and said that there were also excellent fresh students.". Want to ask you, in addition to professional and technical aspects, the rest of you do not need, what publicity planning,cold drawn tubes, and personnel, these still need people? Professor Xiong wanted to hit himself twice in the mouth. Last time he showed off his favorite student at a party with several old friends, he was remembered by Lao Zhang. This time he asked him to help him. Lao Zhang was also a good old man. He wanted to help his students find a good job and stay in the capital.

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