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Prayer Request: The world of great struggle

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The world of great struggle (Nov 9, 2022)

Prayer Request:
Qingji listened to can not help but breathed a sigh of relief, originally she only when she coax her, did not believe in the heart, Qingji originally did not want to say these arrangements. Just because Mrs. Cheng Bi is a very smart woman, people who are too smart will be suspicious. She was afraid that if she said so, she would think that she wanted more help from her. Love between men and women. If interests are involved. That's very boring, because she doesn't believe it. Qingji stopped explaining and added, "Madam, Qingji just got the news tonight that Sanhuan is fighting for a new king, and there is a dispute between them. We are building a city here, thanks to Sanhuan's strong support.". "I want to go back to the capital tomorrow in order to avoid another dispute between the three Huan masters and delay our great event." As soon as Cheng Bi was stunned, she lost her voice and said, "What?". You I'm leaving here tomorrow. Qingji nodded and hardened his heart, saying, "Yes, Qingji can't depend on others all his life.". Follow the example of Mr. Chong'er. Sit and wait for the domestic chaos to welcome me back home. I must strengthen my strength as soon as possible. Attack Wu again, so the matter of building a city and recruiting soldiers must not be delayed because of the struggle between the three Huan. Cheng Bi is reluctant to give up. But know the truth, hear this love know can't persuade. Only with a gentle sigh: "You go back to Qufu..." What are you going to do? "Of course,side impact door beams," said Qingji, "it is to reconcile the contradictions between the three Huan. Choose a new king as soon as possible, I think, this is also the wish of the three Huan family. They don't have the courage to stand on their own feet. In that case. On their land. There must be a monarch, if only in name. Otherwise, Sanhuan will go his own way. No matter what method is used,side impact door beams, the contradiction will only intensify. Cheng Bi was silent for a long time. Youyou said, "You'd better go to Qufu if you can convince them. If not, you'd better go back as soon as possible.". The battle of three Huan. For a long time, it is not likely to bring disaster to Philadelphia. Alas, it is only a pity about the temple. Cheng Bi never cares. I can't help you. "I understand," said Qingji with a smile. I will do my best to listen to the fate of heaven. It is a matter of great importance for the state of Lu to establish a monarch. I am an outsider. It will not interfere too much. "Well!" Cheng Bi answered. Suddenly he threw himself into his arms. And hugged him tightly. Forgetful tunnel: "Childe ah.". I thought that when you returned to Weiguo, it was the day when you and I were separated. Unexpectedly, there are many twists and turns. A round trip to Qufu. You and I spend less time together. Qingji stroked her long, smooth hair with one hand. Gently moving one hand on her charming face, Cheng Bi snuggled into his arms. The beautiful eyes half closed like a cat. Jiao breathed carefully, enjoying his gentle caress, in her heart, Qingji was not a person who could belong to her forever. That's why she's so obsessed with him these days, Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes ,precision welded tubes, and she wants to be with him every moment. A cicada. After several years of dark life, only in half a month of singing to burn out its life, Cheng Bi that urgent psychology, also want to firmly grasp and celebrate. Enjoy the only love in her life for a short time in the meeting place. Qingji saw the way she showed her true feelings. I was touched by a touch of tenderness in my heart. He gently stroked Cheng Bi's long hair and said softly, "If the two love each other for a long time.". Not in the morning and evening, believe in Qingji. You and I don't end up in Philadelphia. Thirteen years ago. Your life begins to change from here. Thirteen years later, your life will start a new future from here. Mrs. Cheng Bi raised her face. The eyes are deep and faint. It's like two pools of sweet wine, saying in an intoxicated voice, "Childe.". Why can you always say some beautiful love words that make people unable to help, even if you know you are coaxing me. Or coax people to be willing, just like the moth to the fire. Qingji still didn't believe her when he saw her. I can't help being very angry. He looked up to heaven and sighed, "Alas!"! Businessmen are suspicious. What more can you say? Mrs. Cheng Bi said sadly, "It's not that Cheng Bi is suspicious.". I'm just a woman. Apart from this body, there is still some beauty. How can it be worth the Childe's plan for me? Qingji was so angry that he raised his hand and slapped her heavily on her tender and plump buttocks. "The cleverer the woman is," he said bitterly. Once you get into a dead end. It is even more unreasonable. After a while, I went to bed. I'll give you a good lesson. Mrs. Cheng Bi glanced at him bitterly and said with a sigh, "Childe, you think Cheng Bi likes you.". Just to enjoy the taste of dying like that? She lowered her eyelids. Said softly, "Cheng Bi was not lustful because she was lustful about the bed, but because she was moved.". I'm willing to give you my body. Qingji's heart moved with warmth. Silent, holding the jade man in his arms, listening to each other's heartbeat. He suddenly had a feeling that everything was enough. "Tonight," he sighed. Qingji didn't come in vain. Although you still don't believe me, I know your heart and hold you at this moment. I'm satisfied with doing nothing. Mrs. Cheng Bi twisted in his arms and changed to a more comfortable position. She closed her beautiful eyes slightly and gave a gentle "um" sound. She smiled sweetly at the corners of her mouth: "Childe, you come to coax me again, but people really like to listen to it. I like you to hold me like this. My heart is so peaceful. It's so comfortable. However. The friction of her soft body on Qingji's body, the fragrant and soft touch, made a certain part of Qingji change involuntarily. Cheng Bi groped for it with her eyes closed and reached out to grasp it. He opened his eyes in surprise and said with a startled smile, "They are. You men are all duplicitous. You say that as long as you hold them, you will feel satisfied.". What's going on here. Here again. She covered her lips with the back of her palm and giggled. Qingji said with a dry smile, "If you love each other for a long time, of course you should love each other, madam.". The night is too short. Let's just undress and go to bed. Let's do something new today. How about a farewell dinner for me? "What's new?" Cheng Bi asked in surprise. Qingji leaned over her ear and said a few words in a low voice, and Mrs. Chengbi gave a cry of shame. She subconsciously touched her towering buttocks. For a moment, the bones were soft and the tendons were crisp, and his face was like the sunset glow on the horizon. Have promised the belt in the waist, who untie Luo Yi together? Floor lamp in the room. It's dark. The moon outside the window. Clear. It's dawn. The crow of a cock is high. Uncle Sun shook the light with a murmur and wriggled lazily. Still want to sleep sweetly. After all, it was only a 17-year-old girl's home, and it was very tiring to travel all the way. Yesterday, when I first saw Qingji,aluminium coated steel tube, I forgot to be tired because of my excitement. But after sleeping soundly that night, I felt that my body seemed to fall apart, and it was sore and painful.

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