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Method of repairing corroded vacuum pump unit
   Discussion: Method of repairing corroded vacuum pump unit
yanyan · 1 year, 6 months ago
Method of repairing corroded vacuum pump unit With the innovative development in the field of mechanization, the mechanical function of vacuum pump unit has also experienced the improvement of skills and functions from generation to generation. In today's construction activities, the application frequency of vacuum pump unit has also been greatly improved. However, due to the diverse special environment of vacuum pump unit, some loss problems will inevitably occur during operation. For example, the vacuum pump unit is corroded, because the operation of the vacuum pump unit is generally in a relatively bad working environment, which will inevitably corrode the vacuum pump unit, so how to solve it? Next, I will introduce the methods of repairing the corroded vacuum pump unit in detail: 1. Blending materials: Mix in strict accordance with the proportion, and mix evenly until there is no color difference with the surface of the vacuum pump unit. 2. Surface treatment: Thoroughly remove the surface oxide layer, and clean the surface to be treated of vacuum pump unit with acetone. 3. Application material: A thin layer of repair material shall be applied first to ensure bonding and full coverage, and no gap shall be left to prevent secondary corrosion. Then evenly apply the material to the repair surface to achieve the required repair thickness. Dry Type Oilless Vacuum Pumps Open Cycle Water Ring Vacuum System Closed Cycle Water Ring Vacuum System
vynalori · 1 year, 1 month ago
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