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Composition of medical negative pressure system
   Discussion: Composition of medical negative pressure system
yanyan · 1 year, 1 month ago
Composition of medical negative pressure system Medical negative pressure suction system is composed of user pipe network and vacuum suction station. The user pipe network includes combination terminal and hanging tower; the vacuum suction station includes electric control cabinet, water ring vacuum pump, medical vacuum tank, sterilization filter, gas-liquid separator, sewage collection tank, etc. By vacuumizing the vacuum tank, the vacuum tank can maintain a certain negative pressure, and continuously provide suction to the user pipe network to meet the needs of users. The working process of medical negative pressure system: gas end point → sewage collection tank → vacuum tank → sterilizer → vacuum pump → gas water separator → waste gas evacuation, sewage liquid is collected in a centralized way and sent to sewage treatment station. Water Ring Vacuum Pump Dry Scroll Vacuum Pump industrial vacuum pumps,vacuum furnaces  

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