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Adsorption of glycerol from biodiesel washwaters
   Discussion: Adsorption of glycerol from biodiesel washwaters
dingxinda · 1 month ago
The removal of glycerol by adsorption from biodiesel washwaters has been studied at room temperature using various adsorbent materials, including activated carbons, clay minerals, and natural and synthetic zeolites. Activated carbon exhibited the best adsorption for glycerol among the examined materials. Glycerol adsorption isotherms are obtained on activated carbons after treatment under different conditions. The Langmuir isotherm coefficients and the first-order desorption kinetic parameters for glycerol on acoconut activated charcoal bulk were determined by fitting the experimental data. The adsorption of glycerol was increased by removing the functional groups from the carbon surface at high temperatures under N2 atmosphere, and was decreased by increasing surface functional groups through HNO3 oxidation. www.activated-carbon-pellets.comCompared with water, glycerol tends to adsorb more favourably on a hydrophobic carbon surface than on a hydrophilic one.

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