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Private telephone
   Discussion: Private telephone
yanyan · 7 months ago
Private telephone The private telephone is suitable for switches. It is the first private telephone adopting ISDN (2B + D) all digital non polarity wiring in China. The key adopts the international advanced two-color mold one-time forming technology, the keyboard will never wear, seamless connection and so on. At the same time, it can realize the functions of connecting a Putonghua machine, leaving message, expanding four direct selection stations, single key dialing, single key transfer, call reservation, call waiting, call switching, rejecting call, rejecting transfer, no response transfer, teleconference, manager secretary, programming and so on. With advanced functions, exquisite appearance and exquisite workmanship, the special telephone is the best choice for your office. Telephone recording system functions What is VoIP VoIP Gateway  

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