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Cloud VoIP With Locally Survivable
   Discussion: Cloud VoIP With Locally Survivable
yanyan · 4 months ago
Cloud VoIP With Locally Survivable When there are a lot of options, it’s hard to know where to start – especially with something as complex as Hybrid Unified Communications. My clients often like to hear case studies or want to know what model is the most popular among my clients before landing on a successful Hybrid Unified Communications model for their business. Recently one of the most popular models our clients use is Cloud VoIP with Locally Survivable Gateways. And the biggest reason why my clients love this Hybrid Unified Communications model is that it adds VoIP gateways to the customer’s local network. These VoIP gateways connect to local dial tone resources (PRI, analog POTS, or SIP trunks). So if the connection to the cloud provider becomes unavailable, the IP phones register this with the VoIP gateway and calls are routed out of the local dial tone trunks. Inbound calls are forwarded from the cloud provider to the local dial tone trunks until connectivity is restored. Make sense? Let’s take a closer look at the architecture to understand more about this model. VoIP to the hospitality industry FXS/FXO Gateway VoIP PBX

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