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Is it illegal to buy a laser pointer?
   Discussion: Is it illegal to buy a laser pointer? · 2 years, 11 months ago
However, whether the laser pointer is suitable for cats has always been a controversial topic. You need to give up the laser pointer and choose when you turn on the laser next to the cat, the cat can see it in its field of vision, and the cat Can't judge this. Laser pens are simply in possession. "It's like a knife. It's not illegal to buy. On the contrary, if you want to use it, it will definitely break the law if you want to hurt or hurt someone." Regarding the police's claim that the number of laser pens purchased is too large, there are Reasonably suspected of being used to attack the police. Lu Ze believes that the number of possessions is not the reason for the crime: even if you only have one, you can attack. The most important thing is to prove that the arrested person has criminal intent. Self-defense is self-defense. Even if it is not a laser flashlight, it may hurt the eyes of the gangster. Do you defend yourself with a knife? Defending yourself with a knife is the most basic and most common way. Defending yourself with a knife is not only the possibility of blinding your eyes, but also poking the gangster wherever you are. Since weapons can be used for self-defense, they must be self-defense to protect their lives, and they are also worried about blinding criminals to pay. If you want a green light indicator for laser pointers and laser flashlights: also known as star pointers, laser pointers, laser pointers, green light pointers, hand-held lasers. It is named because of its very intuitive and strong visible light beam, which is mostly used for indication. Because of its bright beam and strong resistance to stray light interference, it is more and more used for teaching/astronomical pointing, fixed-point guiding, etc. It is the love of laser lovers/astronomy. There are some so-called "laser pens" and "freckle pens" that can remove moles and freckle. They are not formal medical devices. They are only used in beauty salons. The treatment effect and safety cannot be guaranteed. It is strongly not recommended. Laser treatment is invasive The operation must be performed by doctors in hospitals, outpatient clinics, clinics and other medical institutions. And it is not this so-called "laser. Theoretically, a laser pointer that can illuminate disfigurement at a long distance should also kill people (directly illuminate the carotid artery). If you are caught in a photo, a bodyguard will come to hit you immediately. It is impossible to focus for a long time. 

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