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Laser pointer system with mouse function
   Discussion: Laser pointer system with mouse function · 1 year, 9 months ago
Large screens are increasingly used for multimedia learning, lectures, teleconferencing and other activities. In order to attract the audience, the sound equipment is usually placed on either side of the projector, and the laser pointer, which is played at the audience by the laser projector, is used to enhance the audience's mind by displaying the basic content of the speech on the wall of the projector. Existing Laser pointer, however, usually rotate sideways, not with a mouse. If mouse operation is to be carried out, the speaker must be restored to the computer. The waiters are heavy, and the interruption of speech can easily attract the attention of the audience. This pen can function as a mouse. The system includes a remote control mouse that enhances productivity, fashion and comfort by adopting electro-optical technology unlike previous mechanical tracking technologies. An important tool for displaying key points during presentations with embedded laser keys. Usb receiver, installation does not need a ride, convenient and fast. The left mouse button and the right mouse button corresponding laser key. The Green laser pointer left and right keys are pressed when Bedientaste is on Bedienoberflache or it is believed that the camera is positioned and Laserpunkt Mouse pointer Bildprojektionsbild to obtain operating system and corresponding operating system coordinates so that in order to achieve remote control between the printer and the mouse understanding, the distance between the pen and the mouse should be more convenient, And realize the laser pen mouse pen. This is done by remote control... The laser electronic pointer and receiver implemented to improve productivity part of the mouse accepts electro-optical technology, which unlike the previous mechanical tracking mouse is an important tool for observing key points. Usb receive, installation does not need a ride, fun game.

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