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Self-introduction of laser pointer
   Discussion: Self-introduction of laser pointer · 2 years, 9 months ago
Little knowledge of laser pointerLaser pointer (Laser pointer), also known as Laser pointer, pointing pointer, etc., is a pen-shaped transmitter designed into a simple and portable visible laser and processed by a laser module (diode). Laser pointers are classified by wavelength, mainly red light (λ=650~660nm, 635nm), green light (λ=515-520nm, 532nm), blue light (λ=445~450nm) and blue-violet light (λ=405nm) ) Laser pointer. According to the type of laser, it is mainly divided into ordinary physical laser pointer and digital laser pointer. In the early days, laser pointers were indeed all emitting laser light, which was divided into red and green light. Because the scattering of laser light is very small, the pointing distance of this type of laser pointer can be very far. But the laser pointer here also has a shortcoming, that is, it is dangerous. If excessive laser intensity irradiates the macula of the eye, it may cause permanent damage. There are many reports in the news that children are injured when playing with a laser pointer. However, it is difficult to judge whether the laser exceeds the standard, so be careful when using it. At present, the common blue laser pointer on the market has a wide range of applications and can be used in daily reports, teaching demonstrations, product releases and other occasions; a few products are green laser pointers, which are suitable for outdoor sunlight or longer distances. As a speaker or trainer, the essential tool is naturally a laser pointer. The laser pointer is a modern pointer. Holding it can relieve stress and tension, and you can also feel the sense of accomplishment of being a teacher. A good laser pointer is fluent in functions. The most basic thing is that it can point to wherever it is spoken, and the student's eyes follow wherever it is pointed.

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