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Use the laser pointer correctly to tease the cat
   Discussion: Use the laser pointer correctly to tease the cat · 2 years ago
In addition to laser diseases, soft sculptures and additional snacks are also essential. Before the game starts, place the toy in a key position in the play area. Prepare food and snack rewards. At the beginning of the game, place the laser pointer in front of the cat and shake its zigzag shape. Occasionally encourage the cat to catch the light spot on the doll. The doll now plays the role of prey. Before the small light spot leaves the toy, the intensity and length of the game depends on the age, physical condition and interest of each cat. The end of the game is as important as the beginning. Instead of stopping the game suddenly, you slowly slow down the movement of the light and reward the cat with a snack when it is finally caught. He can eat, clean, take care of himself, and get a good night's sleep.Blue laser pointer temptation: magical astronomical pointer pen:  

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