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Laser weapon? Large laser pointer?
   Discussion: Laser weapon? Large laser pointer? · 2 years, 9 months ago
When laser technology is used as an information carrier, military applications mainly include laser ranging, laser guidance, laser communication, laser fuze, laser radar, and laser shooting simulation training. These applications require little energy, and solid-state or semiconductor lasers are commonly used. When laser technology is used as a directed energy weapon, it has a great advantage over traditional weapons. After the 1970s, the United States and the Soviet Union achieved many successful results in the development and testing of laser weapons. This time we will briefly introduce the development status of laser weapons. According to the power of blue laser pointer weapons and the different combat missions, laser weapons can be divided into two categories: strategic laser weapons and tactical laser weapons. The energy of strategic laser weapons can reach several megawatts, and they are mainly used in ballistic missile defense systems and space warfare applications. The medium-sized powers of the United States and Russia have conducted experimental research on laser weapon anti-missile or anti-satellite weapons, and even have conducted research on anti-hypersonic weapons. The energy of tactical laser weapons is generally tens to hundreds of kilowatts and has a wide range of uses.It can be used in air combat or ground and surface air defense. It can be used to intercept guided or unguided munitions, and it may also be used to counter unmanned swarms and blinding photoelectric equipment. Among the many laser weapon research projects, the more famous is the American ABL airborne Laser pointer weapon project. In order to be able to intercept the boost phase of enemy ballistic missile launches, the ABL project came into being. The laser weapon uses Boeing 747-400 aircraft as a platform. After 16 years of research and development, it cost 5 billion U.S. dollars and conducted many anti-missile tests. In the end, the project was discontinued in 2011 due to high costs and substandard tactical performance indicators. After all, with such a huge weapon system, it is indeed unrealistic to intercept and launch ballistic missiles in the airspace of an enemy country. 

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