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What is a Gatling laser pointer?
   Discussion: What is a Gatling laser pointer? · 1 year, 7 months ago
It is said that the Gatling laser gun can hit the drone from 500 meters away. Lasers can also detonate explosives and shells, make sensors on other ships malfunction, and even burn holes in smaller ships. The high-energy laser effector has the advantages of high precision, scalability, suitable for a variety of combat situations, and can be used on land and sea, etc., and will occupy an important place in the future armament family. This Laser Pointer seems to give people a very powerful feeling. In fact it is really powerful. The Gatling laser pointer is portable and has richer applications. It is a good guide for your travels and a good tool for pointing to distant targets or stars and sending out distress signals. In addition, this laser pointer is also the best gift for family and friends. The body makes the laser light at night come alive and unique.From the appearance point of view, this laser cannon is much larger than an ordinary laser pointer. The power of an ordinary Burning Laser Pointers is about 100 milliwatts, while the power of this laser cannon has reached several thousand or even tens of thousands of milliwatts. So where is such a high-power laser cannon mainly used? The sawdust began to smoke after being irradiated with the laser cannon for 2 seconds and caught fire within one minute. Obviously, the energy emitted by the laser cannon is huge, and it is very likely to cause a fire if it is used to irradiate flammable materials.In the introduction of the laser cannon, we saw that this high-power laser cannon can light up cigarettes and newspapers, so what about using a red laser pointer cannon to irradiate flammable and explosive fireworks? The laser cannon can ignite flammable materials such as fireworks and firecrackers in an instant. What is the principle? Experts tell us that because the laser is focused, the energy emitted by the laser cannon can instantly form a high temperature at a certain point, which is much higher than the power generated by the focusing of sunlight under a convex lens.

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