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Research and Use of Laser Pointer in Multimedia Teaching
   Discussion: Research and Use of Laser Pointer in Multimedia Teaching · 1 year, 7 months ago
FIELD OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to the technical field of wireless control laser pointer and multi-user spot recognition technology for projectors, and in particular to a wireless control laser 20000mw that can identify users and can be used in combination with multiple users Technical field of pen and recognition system. Projectors and computers have been widely used in multi-person meetings, business presentations, multimedia interactive teaching, military decision-making and other occasions. In these applications, the traditional computer control equipment keyboard and mouse cannot well meet the needs of human-computer interaction. Because they are designed for personal computer use, users need to operate in front of the computer when using these two devices.At the same time, the laser pointer 5000mw in the prior art uses a hard switch to control the turning on of the laser pointer, that is, when the button on the laser pointer is pressed, the laser pointer turns on. Although this working mode is simple and convenient, for some unavoidable misoperations (such as accidentally touching the switch), it may cause the laser to directly hit human eyes and other parts, which is more dangerous. Moreover, more importantly, if the working voltage of the laser light emitting device in the laser pointer is unstable, it makes the use of the laser pointer not safe and reliable enough, and makes the laser light emitting device extremely easy to be damaged, thereby reducing the life of the laser pointer.A new demand is expanding: in the environment of multi-person meetings, business presentations, multimedia interactive teaching, military decision-making, etc., multiple wireless control devices cooperate to operate computers. Multi-wireless control equipment to operate a computer in cooperation means that in the same space, multiple users can use their respective wireless control equipment to control the computer at the same time without conflicting each other. For example, in a multi-person meeting, many participants often want to participate in the discussion. They hope to use the laser pointer to emit lasers at the same time to operate on the large projection screen. At this time, the laser emitted by each 3w laser pointer should be distinguished, and each The user's operation will not interfere with another user's operation.Laser pointer, also known as Laser Pointer, pointing star, etc. Because of its good coherence, the light spot is concentrated at one point, and it can easily indicate objects. It is well applied to the process of multimedia teaching and demonstration, and gradually replaces traditional teaching. In addition, it also has a page turning function, so that teachers or lecturers do not need to sit in front of the computer to turn pages, and can better interact and communicate with students, so that students can better accept new knowledge. Not only in the field of teaching lectures and training, but also in the field of astronomical observation and outdoor tour guides, laser pointer instructions have also been well applied.

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