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Development of Highway Maintenance Mechanization
   Discussion: Development of Highway Maintenance Mechanization
quangongzi · 6 years ago
Road maintenance practices by the manual operation-based transition to mechanization-based process is inevitable, mainly due to: first, to improve the traditional road class manual work has been difficult to meet the maintenance quality and efficiency requirements; first Second, the road maintenance work to continuously improve the density and strength, relying on the conventional manual work has been unbearable; third, maintenance and management of safety, and environmental requirements of civilization makes the traditional manual operations can not be implemented.Development Course of Highway Maintenance Mechanization roughly divided into three stages:Only as a supplement to the initial stages of mechanical and manual operations into the field of road maintenance, in order to reduce labor intensity for the purpose of mostly used on a particularly large labor-intensive processes, such as transportation, crushing, rolling and other low mechanical skills, fewer species , poor performance.Best Road Maintenance Machinery - Doan MachineryThe introduction of the product development stage minority stereotypes in large and medium construction machinery repair maintenance operation while highway maintenance mechanization is increasing emphasis. With the development of the machinery industry, conservation technology gradually improved, maintenance machinery forward serialization and standardization direction.Crack Sealing TapeImprove all phases of road maintenance work has been mechanized. The number of machine according to the nature conservation work and workload size configuration, the configuration of the slave machine personnel needs high technical level of the machine itself, and constantly updated.Currently, road maintenance mechanization is still in the stage from the second stage to the third stage of development, transportation, mixture mixing, road paving, compaction and other major processes highway maintenance materials basically realized mechanization. But overall, there are still some problems:First, the development is not balanced, geographically distributed, high degree of mechanization economically developed areas, the difference between marginal areas; in the mechanical structure, less road maintenance machinery road construction machinery. Second, the technology is not quite cross the border, in addition to car transport truck, paver, mixing machine and other major equipment manufacturers relatively fixed, the medium and small maintenance machinery manufacturer complicated, low degree of standardization, versatility and supporting the poor.grooving machinesThird, funds are not supporting the construction of road maintenance machinery purchase, updating and supporting facilities, without a clear investment ratio and investment channels. Therefore, road maintenance mechanization should be based on national conditions, steady development, the introduction of foreign advanced equipment at the same time pay attention to absorb advanced management experience and methods in order to achieve the level of improving road maintenance.heat lanceManagement of road maintenance machinery and equipmentMaintenance machinery to implement scientific and standardized management methods to improve the level of mechanization of conservation, road maintenance construction to achieve the quality, speed and efficiency of unity, should be based on different regions of the current situation and road maintenance machinery configuration practical, well-managed from the following aspects.Road cutting machine
vynalori · 1 year, 9 months ago
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