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Firemaking: Lighting torches and beacons
   Discussion: Firemaking: Lighting torches and beacons
Dragonborn · 1 month ago
These items are released for a couple reasons: They're unlikely to be employed by members. They're desinged to OSRS Gold re balance the f2p combat triangle. Staff allows mages hold competitions easier, and gain a small attack increase against rangers. Additionally a slight damage boost, but less likely to hit. Warhammer should deal with tanks and deliver a small bit of p2p excitment of killing people a little more fast... Mantle has reduced defences but supplies a greater range attack allowing rangers reach greater. I've some thoughts that I think could be nice to be added into the present abilities Even though im nonmember, most of these are just for members. Agility: Being able to dodge attack[no harm, not even 0s]. It would make sense, sinse the more nimble you are the easier you can dodge them. The 0s mean that you were hit..but it didnt harm you. New Fishes like pomfret, snapper just for pleasure [I sound like a chef I guess] Crafting: Being able to Tan leathers yourself in your workshop. Being able to craft Talismans. Making clothing. Crafting Sculptures. Firemaking: Lighting torches and beacons but I believe its coming Prayer: having the ability to baptise and the deceased. You get bodies by killing the undead. And bury them together with some items alongside you. Thieving. Being able to steal in the lockers or torso in Banks. Mining: Mining Rocks like Basalt, Marble. The reason why I left this into topic. The tacky is for brand new items or suggesting completely new ability. Most here aren't just new items available. I suggest we're able to Buy RS Gold create them. Theres no rule mentioning that I cant make matters asking for additions in skills.I hope you like them. More will come in the hours to come. If you folks want, I could clarify them detailed.

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