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Matters Me And My Mate Thought They Need To Insert
   Discussion: Matters Me And My Mate Thought They Need To Insert
Fengxiao · 1 month ago
God Bows: Perhaps they can make god bows. So that OSRS gold when you get to 60 you have more bows to chose from except dark bow. Some examples..Zamorak, Saradomin, Guthix. And maybe they could add crossbows as well... Poison Whips. Perhaps a whip that does toxin along with the regular whip damage. Battle of (Jagex creates the name) You have to capture a flag and hold/defend it. Although you're holding the flag you receive resources. These tools might go up by 10s and first to achieve 1000 or 2000 or even 3000 whatever wins. Clearly the team that are controlling more areas get funds faster. Both sides start at bases. And when the battle starts everyone runs to capture the flags. And you have to kill the flag holder for this place to be contested . IF your flag holder will not die then you have to wait 2 minutes for either side to capture it. In that time they will be mainly killing each other. And they'll also have bandages to cure and again no head pieces or cloaks/capes to be worn out. You struggle for tokens which are traded for xp or even armour/weapons. Weapon Effects: Insert weapon effects to your weapons such as a god sword with lightning flashing about it, or weapons that glow different colors. Must have completed a pursuit and levels to get them though. So yeah thats them, let me know if you have trouble understanding or have questions on them. Thanks. Proceed to the aviansie and cheap RuneScape gold inform them of what happened. They will congratulate you, stating Azzanadra's power was destroyed, and you can use the Jaldroacht altar with no worry. You could even input the Zaros GWD, so long as you've got 70 prayer to defend you from his influence. It is exactly like the other GWDs.  

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