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Riot have closed down a fan-made League Of Legends classic host
   Discussion: Riot have closed down a fan-made League Of Legends classic host
Fengxiao · 1 month ago
The move by Riot Games to LoL accounts get in the TV world was declared in late'19 as part of its wider growth of focus beyond the League of Legends video game, which has been effectively its only significant product for its first decade after its founding. In the previous 12 months, the company has also released a suite of new games including the first-person shooter title Valorant and the mobile League of Legends game Wild Rift among many others. Netflix says it's more than 200M paid associates in over 190 nations. Riot have closed down a fan-made League Of Legends classic host - and were creepy about it Chronoshift was a fan-made"legacy server" that recreated League Of Legends because it was ten years ago, allowing people play an older version of the game that's no more available. Now the project has been shut down from Riot. In a post on the Chronoshift site, its developers say they've received legal takedown notices from the LoL developer, but just following a Riot staffer touch base with one of them via Discord to try to shut down the project without the involvement of lawyers. To estimate the Riot worker:"You've obviously put a lot of work into Chrono shift, but I assure you that the Chrono break is coming." At the time of writing, the Chronoshift website is prompting a warning in Chrome the site is insecure. Last night, the website was removed and replaced by a message from the development team describing the project's closed and alleging the"Riot Games security department has contacted us, and attempted to dupe us into handing over our code and site into them". A Riot rep verified to League of Legends Accounts PC Gamer that the dialogue happened but denied extortion.  

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