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New advantages Of Raymond Mill
   Discussion: New advantages Of Raymond Mill
jwen4568 · 6 months ago
With the development of industrial engineering, the demand for titanium dioxide is increasing year by year, the output of domestic titanium dioxide can meet the demand of industrial production, while the product quality is not high, and the environmental pollution caused in the process of production is also very serious. Therefore, the research on the production technology and the equipment of titanium white powder in China has been being studied. New advantages Of Raymond Mill
  • 1. Grain size of finished products 400-1250 (non-polar adjustment);
  • 2. The complete grinding of powder materials;
  • 3. Grinding of hard materials;
  • 4. Low cost of equipment vulnerable parts;
  • 5. Easy equipment maintenance, maintenance and replacement of vulnerable parts;
  • 6. The equipment unit energy consumption is low and the output is high, which can create better economic benefits for users;
  • 7. Environmental protection.

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