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Should Microsoft do this with Windows 10?
   Discussion: Should Microsoft do this with Windows 10?
rodeoneerer · 6 days ago
Windows 10 Home Product Key There are still two settings menus in Windows 10: the relatively new one that uses the interface of the OS and the old one that offers a number of features many still appreciate but which have an older Windows 7 interface that does not fit. The old control panel is probably on its way but when will it happen? Windows expert Rafael Rivera has revealed using Mach2 which searches Microsoft's beta versions for changes and found references to hide "HideSystemControlPanel". How about collecting all the settings as we are familiar with them from the old menu to the new one and at the same time let's have several modern settings windows up at the same time? Therefore you probably need some registry hacking to bring up the classic settings menu in future Windows versions if such a stunt does not crash explorer.exe… The look is far from the only problem It is also a strange approach to direct link to the old settings menu for additional features (on the right) cheap Windows 10 CD Key from the modern interface. We do not know what to do with this they have somehow dug into a corner and will have to do a lot of extra work if they want users to understand how they change key functions and how they control sound devices networks and printers . If you need cheap Windows 10 Home and Pro Product CD Key Code come to and they will provide you with the best service.

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