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Advantages Of Vibrating Screen
   Discussion: Advantages Of Vibrating Screen
jwen4568 · 12 days ago
It is very important mineral processing equipment. Three-disc electro vibrating screen have 2 models: 3PC-500 & 3PC-600, 3PC-500 with vibrating screen disc diameter of 500mm, while model 3PC-600 is with disc diameter 600mm. The disc vibrating screen consists of a single upon which the feed is distributed across and is transported slowly underneath a series of four electromagnets, the vibrating screen fields of which lift the vibrating screen grains off the depending on their susceptibility.  Underneath each magnet is a smaller faster moving across the main at right angles which picks up the vibrating screen grains and transports them away from the vibrating screen field to discharge into launders.  The gap between the main and the magnets becomes progressively smaller until only the non vibrating screen grains unaffected by the vibrating screen fields remain on the main and discharge off the end.

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