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Stability Of Feeding And Discharging System
   Discussion: Stability Of Feeding And Discharging System
jwen4568 · 2 months ago
However, during operation, many users cause equipment failures or even personal accidents due to various reasons, which must be paid attention to. What are the aggregation crushing value conclusion and maintenance items?Once it exceeds this temperature, it is necessary to shut down in time for comprehensive inspection to prevent equipment failure and accidents. The safety plate of the aggregation crushing value conclusion also needs to be installed in place.Once the load is too large or foreign matters enter the crushing chamber, the equipment may be damaged. At this time, it is necessary to check and replace the damaged parts in time. Aggregate crusher needs no-load start before formal operation, and then starts feeding after the equipment fully works normally and reaches the rated power and revolution, so as to ensure the stability of feeding and discharging system.

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