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Welcome to Our DBI Website!

Posted on Wed, Feb 23, 2011

Take a good look around, because there's a lot to see. You may view our Course Catalogue(Word Doc) in the Media section. Be sure to get yourself an account for personalization. Take a look at our forums to talk with one another. Please let the webmaster know if you have any questions or e mail us at

You can access our course catalogue (word document) in the "media" section. You must log in to view the catalogue.

   Discussion: Welcome to Our DBI Website!
Darlene · 6 years, 5 months ago
I'm logged in and cannot view the course catalogue.  When I click media, a blank box appears and a message saying that there's no info available.
Dr. Arthur N. Werts · 4 years, 7 months ago
I logged in and could not view the course catalogue. When I click on Media, I get a blank page with a message that no info is available.  I did get a message on the DBI home page that course catalogue would be posted in a space on that page. But nothing happened. Please advise.
papercupwholesaler · 10 months ago
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angeldolljp · 10 months ago
シリコーンのダッチワイフのような生活:どのように経験をするか?それで、あなたは外に出て、豪華なシリコンのリアル ラブドールに投資しましたか?良い選択!これで良いスタートを切り、このガイドの最初のステップを完了しました。しかし、人形を手に入れたら、体験をできるだけリアルでリアルにするために何ができるでしょうか。さて、それはどのように行われますか:衣類と下着 これは明らかかもしれませんが、最も本格的な人形体験が必要な場合は、彼女のために服や下着を購入する必要があります。人形の脱衣は親密さを増し、人形を本物の女の子のように見せることができます。また、さまざまなコスチュームを購入することで、ラブドール レンタルに幻想を抱くことができます。たとえば、多くのお客様は、人形を女子高生のコスチュームに扮することを好みます。メイクと髪 これはあなたの人形のためにセクシーな服を着るよりも多くの仕事を必要とします、しかしそれはすべての違いを生むことができます。本物の女の子は髪の毛や化粧に何時間も費やします。人形でこれを行う必要はありませんが(必要な場合を除く)、単純な水溶性の化粧品は人形の生活の質を本当に向上させることができます。髪はよく維持されるべきもう一つの側面です。本物の女の子の髪のように、人形AXB DOLLの髪を清潔に保ち、髪の毛を滑らかに保ち、絹のように保つことが重要です。人形の髪の毛やメイクの手入れのコツはこちらをご覧ください。暖かい人形 冷たい人形を体温に近い温度に加熱することは、人形とのセックスの喜びを高める良い方法であり、簡単に達成できます。必要なのは温水だけです。これを日常生活に取り入れて安全を保つ良い方法は、使用前に人形を温水で洗うことです。 TPEとシリコン素材は熱をしっかりと保持できるため、人形RZRDollの使用感が向上します。電気暖房器具も購入できます。大人のおもちゃのために特別に作られた製品は、人形を過熱して傷つけないように設計されているため、うまく機能します。前戯と親密さ ダッチワイフSanhui Dollのリアルでリアルな体験となると、見過ごされがちなのは人間の想像力です。人形を本物の女の子のように扱うふりをして、パフォーマンス時間を延長し、前戯を通して構築することを許可すると、人形とセックスするのはどれほど素晴らしいことでしょう。人形の体のあらゆる部分に感謝し、キスをし、胸で遊んで、オーラルセックスをすることを学びます(これは体温を上げるのにも役立ちます)。その瞬間に迷子になることを恐れないでください。終わったら、横になってリラックスして人形を抱きしめてください。次回は人形を戻さないでください。他の人形Sino Dollの所有者と共有したい提案はありますか?以下の共有へようこそ。
shqs001 · 3 months ago
Introduction of rubber abrasion test methods and standards Abrasion is defined as the loss of the surface of a material due to friction. Wear resistance is defined as the resistance to wear on the surface of the material due to mechanical action, and is characterized by the wear resistance index. express. The wear resistance of rubber refers to the ability of vulcanized rubber to resist material loss due to surface damage under the action of friction, and is a mechanical property closely related to the service life of rubber products. The main forms of wear are: 1. Wear and tear: The uneven sharp rough objects on the surface are continuously cut and rubbed during friction, causing the contact points on the rubber surface to be cut and torn into tiny particles, which fall off the rubber surface, resulting in wear, wear strength and pressure. proportional to the tensile strength. 2. Fatigue wear: The surface of the vulcanized rubber in contact with the friction surface is subjected to periodic compression, shearing, stretching and other deformations during repeated use, which causes fatigue on the rubber surface and gradually produces micro-cracks in it. The development of these cracks results in microscopic spalling of the material surface. 3. Curl wear: When in contact with the non-smooth surface of the rubber, due to the action of friction, the uneven surface of the vulcanized rubber is deformed and damaged by tearing, and the surface falls off into a roll. 4. Corrosion and wear: The wear and tear of the rubber surface is directly affected by chemical action. In any particular form of wear, usually more than one wear mechanism is involved, but there is always one that dominates. For example, there are usually fatigue wear and curling wear in corrosion wear. Related test products: Taber Abrasion Resistance Tester / UV Accelerated Weathering Tester / Xenon lamp aging test chamber
Emilylowes · 8 days ago
Since the WoW WoTLK Gold Beta formally opened closing week, frenzied battles were raging on Blizzard's Battle.internet provider, now no longer simplest in aggressive suits, however additionally withinside the chat rooms, as testers talk which of the sport's 4 factions is the most powerful. The night time elves were the c of a lot interest, simplest in part due to the fact their ranged devices had been first of all very robust in massed organizations. The night time elves have additionally been famous really due to their exceptional appearance and gameplay fashion. We'll have a take a observe what makes the night time elves so one of a kind on this very last installment to our week of WoW WOTLK Classic beta reviews. Keeper of the Grove Half elf, 1/2 of stag, those magical creatures can summon the very bushes to their useful resource. Keepers can fee into conflict to spoil enemies with their melee assault, however they regularly use their magic in a assisting position. Force of nature turns bushes into strolling treants that combat with their robust timber limbs, and the entangling roots spell can root an enemy in vicinity. Keepers help close by troops with the thorns air of mystery, which shields devices from harm, and tranquility, their closing spell, showers a collection of pleasant devices with a recuperation rain. It ought to be no marvel that the night time elves take gain of buy WoTLK Classic Gold new day and night time cycle. Like their excessive elven cousins who combat along the human beings, night time elves do not go through any consequences in the course of the day. But night time elves are ideally fitted to transferring and preventing in darkness. A troop of elven opponents may be very stealthy at night time due to the shadowmeld capacity that each one woman night time elves have. When status flawlessly nevertheless, the elves' hardy woman opponents disappear into the moonlit shadows and are efficaciously invisible. It's additionally feasible to investigate ultravision in your elves, which offers them the capacity to look as properly at night time as in the course of the day, giving elven gamers an additional cause to transport at night time, whilst different factions are swathed in darkness.

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